300+ popular Turkish names and their meanings for boys and girls

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Turkey is bordered to the north by the Black Sea and to the northeast by Georgia and Armenia. It bridges the continents of Europe and Asia. Its culture is a mix of ancient traditions and modern influences. When it comes to naming their children, Turkish people take significant consideration of their tradition, history, and culture. This article has some of the most popular Turkish names and their meanings.

A young woman holding her baby
A woman holding her baby. Photo: pexels.com, @annashvets (modified by author)
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Is Turkey rich in culture? The country’s territory spreads across Anatolia and Thrace, and as a result, many civilisations have risen, becoming a home to cultural and ethnic wealth and diversity. Most Turkish names have a variation of Arabic with Islamic significance.

Popular Turkish names

What is a common Turkish name? There are many names in Turkey which are found in almost all families. Among them is Zeynep, meaning precious gem. Below are popular names in Turkey with their meanings.

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Turkish male names

Males are associated with physical strength, power and independence. Therefore, when looking for a name for the males, picking the ones that will make them feel proud is crucial. Below are some you can consider. Some are modern names, and others are ancient.

  • Agin: A child who belongs to the lowest rank of nobles
  • Deniz: Sea
  • Eren: Holy one
  • Mustafa: Chosen, appointed, preferred
  • Barkın: Wanderer
  • Ozan: A composer or storyteller
  • Erdem: Virtue, merit, knowledge
  • Alp: Heroic, mountain
  • Aagha: Someone in control over something; Lord; chief
  • Kerem: Nobility and generosity
  • İpar: Pretty scent
  • Enver: Luminous
  • Feris: Elegant
  • Erhan: Manly leader
  • Çamer: One who is strong and fearless
  • Bunyamin: Son of the right hand
  • Karer: Valiant
  • Ertuğrul: Bird of prey
  • Ensar: Helper
  • Can: Spirit, life, or heart
  • İpar: Pretty scent
  • Miran: Prince
  • Murat: Wished for
  • Cetin: Hard, rough
  • Sinan: Sharp-pointed spear
  • Azizbek: Powerful chief
  • Baris: Peaceful, quiet and calm
  • Musa: Child
  • Berat: The night of forgiveness
  • Omer Asaf: Flourishing collector
  • Okan: one with a noble nature
  • Mirac: Ascension
  • Asker: Soldier
  • Mert: Brave, manly
  • Aslan: Lion
  • Emet: Abundance
  • Canol: One who is a life to another one
  • Emre: “Friend” in Turkish
  • Muhammed: Praised, Praiseworthy, Commendable
  • Alparslan: heroic lion
  • Aytaç: Crown of the moon
  • Abay: Being talented
  • Cinar: Plane tree
  • Osman: Wise, intuitive
  • Uras: Luck
  • Ayhan: Gift from God
  • Ahmet: One who is highly or greatly praised or comment
  • Emin: Self-assured
  • Mehmet: Praiseworthy
  • Ayaz: Bright-faced, cool night breeze, royal breeze
  • Bahadir: One who is brave and valiant
  • Ömar: Populous and flourishing
  • Aydin: One who is enlightened
  • Eymen: Blessed and good fortune
  • Bilal: Full moon, water, victorious

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Kids playing with one another on the couch
Kids lying on a couch. Photo: pexels.com, @keiraburton (modified by author)
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  • Cenk: The one who wins the war
  • Enes: Human, close friend
  • Cem: The one who rules
  • Nijaz: Desire or wish
  • Bayram: Celebration
  • Betigül: The letter smells like a rose
  • Suleyman: Man of peace
  • Hamza: Lion, steadfast, strong and brave
  • Baki: One who has a quick and analytical mind
  • Ceyhun: A central Asian river
  • Candon: A sincere and honest man
  • Bey: A Turkish title for chieftains
  • Atil: Big river
  • Ayli: Ascending, rising
  • Ali: Elevated, high and great
  • Kaan: King of Kings
  • Adlee: One who is judged by God, Just or fair
  • Buqat: Like a lightning bolt
  • Balian: Master; Lord
  • Ajnur: Moonlight; the glow of the moon
  • Can: One who is full of spirit, life and heart
  • Zoltan: King or ruler
  • Cahil: Naive young man
  • Candana: Sincerity and honesty
  • Yusuf: God increases
  • Egemen: The dominant one
  • Behrem: Planet Mars
  • Doruk: Peak, mountain top
  • Emirhan: Princely ruler
  • Ataa: Gift; one of the twins; ancestor; predecessor
  • Azzat: Turkish form of the Arabic name Azzah; gazelle
  • Burak: The name of a holy saddle beast
  • Eyman: Righteous
  • Afshin: Ancient king
  • Candanin: He is sincere and honest
  • Emir: King or commander
  • Asuman: Sky, lord of vital breaths
  • Volkan: Volcanic
  • Ajdin: He who is bright, happy and lucky
  • Berkan: He who is of strong blood
  • Levent: Good-looking
  • Dervis: Beggar
  • Efe: older brother
  • Agha: A noble person who is honoured for his efficiency, intelligence, and significant positive leadership qualities
  • Beg: A title of respect.
  • Aydar: Topknot or forelock, referring to the hairstyle of ancient Turkic warriors
  • Bayar: A delightful person
  • Davut: Beloved friend
  • Safet: Pure
  • Bakytbek: Happy chief
  • Hosmunt: Clever person
  • Demir: One who is made of iron
  • Adem: Son of the red Earth
  • Kahraman: Hero
  • Aimal: Desire; wish
  • Beibut: Peaceful or peace
  • Devrim: Revolution
  • Bekarys: Chieftain; master; foundation; support; framework

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Beautiful Turkish female names

A smiling baby
Baby girl wearing blue tank top and white skirt. Photo: pexels.com, @wonfonimedia (modified by author)
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What is the most beautiful Turkish name? There are plenty of beautiful names that can make your daughter grow up feeling confident. They include:

  • Afet: A woman of enchanting beauty
  • Akasma: White climbing rose
  • Alara: Water fairy; one who makes things beautiful and brings happiness to the soul
  • Ayla: Oak tree, halo of the light
  • Beyza: Pure, very white and clean
  • Burcu: Of sweet scent
  • Ayça: The crescent of the moon
  • Idil: From the river
  • Deran: Beauty
  • Kadriye: Valuable
  • Yücel: Exalted
  • Banou: Princess, Queen
  • Sumeyye: She who is high above others
  • Elif: Honest and slender
  • Saye: Shadow
  • Jale: Dew, hailstones
  • Ipek: Silk
  • Harika: Wonderful
  • Gunseli: Day, sun
  • Ceylan: An antelope
  • Lara: Water fairy
  • Ferzin: Queen
  • Havva: First woman
  • Sevda: Loving woman
  • Aylin: Moon halo, the one that belongs to the moon
  • Nurten: Of bright skin
  • Selda: Gray battle
  • Aysu: Beautiful moon
  • Nehir: River
  • Asli: Someone who is genuine and real
  • Damla: Drop of water
  • Irmak: River
  • Lale: Tulip flower
  • Sidika: Truthful
  • Haleh: Halo
  • Sevil: Beloved
  • Dilara: She who delights the heart
  • Ceren: Baby gazelle
  • Dilek: Desire, request
  • Selim: Safe
  • Aysel: Moon stream
  • Selma: Peaceful
  • Merve: A pebble stone at the bottom of the sea
  • Ahu: Bright and beautiful
  • Nuray: Radiant moon
  • Liyan: Bright
  • Taahira: Pure, Chaste
  • Leila: Daughter of the light
  • Cemile: Beautiful, radiant
  • Berfin: Snowdrop flower
  • Lina: Date palm
  • Fusun: Charming woman
  • Esin: Inspirational, morning breeze
  • Ece: The Queen
  • Taliah: Lamb
  • Narin: Delicate, slim, slender
  • Funda: Heather
  • Elnara: Fire or light
  • Feriha: Joyous woman
  • Zehre: Flower
  • Kamelya: A type of flower
  • Gokcen: Beautiful woman
  • Cemre: Burning ember
  • Aysun: As beautiful as the moon
  • Defne: Laurel or bay tree; tall and majestic
  • Zeynep: Precious gem
  • Ecrin: Gift of God
  • Kiraz: Cherry tree
  • Elvan: Colourful
  • Caria: One who flows like water
  • Berna: Young woman
  • Lunara: Flower
  • Ceyda: Girl with a long neck
  • Beren: Clever, well-known, strong
  • Alev: Flame, brightness
  • Işıl: Sparkling, brilliant
  • Bahar: Spice
  • Ajda: Returning visitor
  • Fatma: Daughter of Prophet Muhammed
  • Ayperi: moon fairy
  • Basak: Ear of wheat
  • Melek: Angel
  • Meryem: Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Ela: Hazel
  • Duru: Pure, clear
  • Gulizar: Golden flower
  • Irmak: From the river
  • Melike: Queen
  • Feryal: Decoration, possessing beauty of light
  • Aiyla: Moonlight
  • Mercan: Coral
  • Roshan: Splendid light, bright light
  • Mehir: A part from the moon
  • Derya: From the ocean
  • Belkis: Queen or princess
  • Ayten: Skin shiny like a moon
  • Meltem: Wind from the sea
  • Emira: Princess
  • Evrem: Universe
  • Eylem: Action
  • Dilay: Gorgeous moon
  • Yara: Water lady or small butterfly
  • Azra: Night journey
  • Esma: Supreme
  • Berrak: Woman of clarity
  • Buse: Kiss
  • Filiz: Blossom
  • Eylül: The first month of fall, September
  • Azize: Beloved, precious
  • Cagla: Flowing water, timeless, filled with energy

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Unique Turkish names

A baby playing in a walker
Baby playing with a toy in a walker. Photo: pexels.com, @keiraburton (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When something is unique, it means being one of a particular type. It feels good to give your child a name that no one else has. What are rare Turkish names? Check the ones below.

  • Beyhan: Someone who doesn’t keep a secret
  • Ezel: One with no beginning
  • Çamer: One who is strong and fearless
  • Ruslan: Lion – a perfect name for your strong little man
  • Mehru: One who has a pretty face as the moon
  • Kayra: A favour from a loved one
  • Hakan: Ruler, king of kings
  • Aysenur: Clear moonlight
  • Fidan: Sapling
  • Elmas: Diamond, willful
  • Ozgur: Independent
  • Izel: Unique
  • Sahar: Just before dawn
  • Gamze: Dimple
  • Arat: Holy, clean, pure
  • Gorkem: Glory, fame
  • Hasim: Crusher, breaker
  • Miray: Glowing like the moon
  • Gul: Rose
  • Dolunay: Full moon
  • Jihan: Flying like an arrow
  • Bengi: Imoortal, never ending
  • Mahir: Skillful, talented
  • Alanya: Bright, beautiful, captivating
  • Atiye: Gift of God
  • Özlem: Yearning, missing
  • Adalya: God is my refuge
  • Asena: Strength, royalty, wolf
  • Azrah: The one who is a virgin
  • Kerem: Generous, noble
  • Poyraz: Northeasterly wind
  • Ayce: Ambitious; intelligent; charismatic
  • Tanay: The moon at dawn
  • Kuzey: North
  • Salih: Pious
  • Müjde: Good news
  • Oya: wind-warrior goddess
  • Mazhar: Esteemed
  • Akay: Near a full moon, Illuminating light of full moon, full moon
  • Ayen: Eye; To see
  • Ihsan: Perfection, excellence
  • Halil: Friend
  • Aslihan: Noble, a genuine leader
  • Zehra: Blossoms, beauty
  • Yankı: Reflexion
  • Yildiz: Like a star
  • Ayvah: Voice; Sound
  • Nadia: Hope
  • Pınar: Fountain, spring
  • Ekin: Crop
  • Kadir: Almighty, powerful
  • Ismail: Heard by God
  • Ebrar: Virtuous
  • Asen: Name of a Bulgarian king
  • Aykiz: Noble, resolute, determined
  • Aynur: Enlightened; Bright light
  • Dildar: Beautiful face
  • Nasrin: Wild rose
  • Emel: Passion
  • Aray: Graceful; Radiant; Divine
  • Zeki: Man of Intelligence
  • Yaz: Summer
  • Hiranur: Light of the diamond
  • Adal: One who has fame
  • Beste: Melodic
  • Galip: Defeat, victor
  • Furkan: Criterion, evidence
  • Feyzi: Graceful
  • Aylani: High chief, Heavenly rise
  • Hera: The goddess who represents motherhood in mythology
  • Eva: Eve, the first woman ever created
  • Tolun: Fully luminous
  • İlkay: New moon
  • Ferman: Edict, ferryman
  • Naz: Timid
  • Feray: Moonshine
  • Reyhan: Good scent
  • Azani: Youth, powerful, complete
  • Bilge: Wisdom; knowledge; intelligence; depth
  • Pamir: The name of the Pamir Mountains
  • Senar: One who is in love
  • Nihal: Successful, joyous
  • Amine: One with no fear in their heart
  • Antalya: Attic; place where Attalus lives
  • Fatih: Conqueror
  • Bike: Queen, bride, wise

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Many popular Turkish names have a variation of Arabic with Islamic significance. They have significant meanings reflecting Turkish culture, religion, and tradition.

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