Is baking soda for teeth whitening safe? ▷ NAIJA.NG

Is baking soda for teeth whitening safe? ▷ NAIJA.NG

Do you wonder how safe it is to use baking soda for teeth? Is it the best natural way to get the impressive whitening effect or not? We would like to share some interesting facts with anyone who dreams about the sparkling white teeth smile. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of keeping baking soda at home and using it along with toothpaste or separately.

How to whiten your teeth naturally

Many of us prefer natural methods shared by parents and previous generations when it comes to our health. Many of such happy-smile tips are based on using cooking soda.

Is it truly possible to add baking soda onto your toothbrush and brush-brush-brush teeth to achieve the white effect? People who take care of their smile and search for the best methods on how to make it shining, beautiful and ‘Hollywood’ white come across soda tips. Safety questions always arise when it comes to our health or the future of our teeth.

Since soda is often mentioned as one of the most popular methods of how to whiten teeth naturally, we want to talk about it and see what experts suggests.

Baking soda and tooth brush

Baking soda: pros and cons

The teeth and gums are like real human’s diamonds. They do need to be polished regularly in order to stay healthy and great-looking. It’s perfect if you can pay much attention to both gum’s massage and teeth whitening. Using baking soda for brushing your teeth can be great for your teeth not only because of visible whitening effect.

Possible advantages

Soda can be indeed added to your ordinary cup of teeth powder to lead to a nice whitening effect. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should use it every day to enjoy the next pros.

Whiter smile effect

Here is how to whiten your teeth naturally. Baking soda can indeed remove stains from your tooth enamel making it look cleaner and whiter. This is the effect advertised by many companies for their toothpaste. This is the effect you can possibly achieve using a bit of soda with your tooth powder.

Healthy mouth and fighting with bacteria

The pieces of food makes the human mouth a perfect place for flourishing bacteria. Each of us can protect our teeth from potential damage by mineralizing our enamel and taking care of our oral pH levels using regular cooking soda as a part of the treatment.

This product boasts a pH level of over 8 while bacteria usually survive when pH levels get down to 5 or even lower. So using soda can be a good thing to protect your mouth and tooth enamel from different health issues.

Soda boasts antimicrobial effect. It is a good addition to your toothpaste (tooth powder). Besides, it is a 100 percent natural protection, which is incredible.

Is baking soda for tooth whitening safe?

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Possible disadvantages

These are some of the issues you could be getting if you use soda too often on your teeth.

Enamel damage

Some experts believe that regular usage of baking soda for brushing your teeth can damage their enamel.

Gum tissue problems

There are suggestions that achieving the whitening effect with baking soda can cause issues with your gums tissue.

Baking soda for teeth whitening effect, is it safe?

Too hard for teeth

Each mineral has its own scale of hardness. According to Mohs Scale, the hardest mineral (diamonds) is scaled as 10. The hardness of your teeth enamel is twice lower (5). There is also the dentin that is less hard (2.5) and there is baking soda with the same level of hardness (2.5).

People whose gums are receding, can have soft tooth cover (known as cementum) and get cavities issues along with other problems (such as damage). So baking soda can be a bit hard for cementum.

Messy procedure

It is true that when you use different powders and soda to brush your teeth, you’ll create more mess than if you use an ordinary toothpaste.

Weird feeling

When you replace ordinary paste with baking soda, you’ll get an unusual feeling while brushing your teeth. Soda is not the tastiest product in the world.

There are also rumors about baking soda containing aluminum. However, this is not an issue because the soda you are using in your kitchen has no aluminum and cannot hurt your teeth this way. We should also say, that many dental associations across the world haven’t officially approved the baking product for tooth brushing.

Is baking soda for your teeth whitening safe?

You should be careful and use just a bit of soda along with your regular tooth powder. This is probably the best thing to do in order not to harm but make your mouth healthier and your smile prettier and whiter.

By the way, many people use this ‘whitening’ method once in a while. If you also decide to add baking soda to your regular tooth brushing ritual, you should just be attentive and brush all the areas evenly. Besides, it is cheap to use baking soda, so you can improve the look of your smile and even save money.

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