Inspirational birthday prayer for myself ▷ NAIJA.NG

Inspirational birthday prayer for myself ▷ NAIJA.NG

Birthday prayers for myself is something so unique and feels like it makes us closer to God in that day. Whenever someone from our family or friends celebrates their birthday, we always want to wish something pleasant. However, we often forget that on our birthday we need to congratulate ourselves, thanking to God for the life that he gave us.

Christian birthday prayers for myself

  • God, you gave me the life that day, and I hope I’ll spend all my life and do as much as I can to show you my love and gratitude!
  • Through all these years God I feel your love and care. I hope that day you look at me and feel my love.
  • I become wiser, and now I know that was a part of a miracle done by You God. Bless me and let me live happily and feeling your love and care.
  • Glory to you my Lord. Glory for all miracles you showed in my life. In my birthday I pray to you and ask to forgive all my sins. Amen!
Inspirational birthday prayer
  • God, You have granted me with health and happiness. I hope you will help me to achieve all my goals. I dedicate all my wins to you my Lord.
  • Dear God, you give me all I need: health, sharp mind and happy family. Thank you, God!
  • All years I asked You, God, to stay close to me, to take care of me and never forget about me. Please God protect me on all life paths, please let me be successful in my love to you. Amen!
  • On my birthday I thank you, Lord, for every single day I live and see your love and care. I pray to you, defend my home, my family, and my friends. God give me strength and will.
  • Divine love and mercy all I ask you, my dear God, that day. Forgive my sins and let me live all my life happily. Amen!

These birthday prayers and blessings should be the first things you need to say on that special day.

Birthday prayers for myself in Islam

Inspirational birthday

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  • May Allah bless my family and me and grant me with happy years in this world.
  • Bless me Allah with all your divine love on this day and all other days. Inshallah!
  • Please, Allah, grant my heart with your love and care. Bless me, Allah!
  • May Allah grant me his love and mercy on this day and all days after.
  • I thank you, Allah, for all great miracles I saw from you. In my birthday I ask you to pure my thoughts and show me the right way in life! Inshallah!
  • May Allah grant me wisdom to understand your will, to see the power of your care and love that day! Inshallah!
  • Please, Allah, bless me today and grant me with strength to become the one you want me to be. I will follow your will and hope that I’ll never fail!
Inspirational myself
  • On my birthday I pray you, Allah, to stay close to me, to make me wise and strong so that I could follow my heart in this life. Inshallah!
  • This day you granted me with life and heart full of love to you. Hope You’ll never regret all those miracles you give.
  • Dear Allah, you see how many people came to wish me a happy birthday. Please grant us all with your mighty love and care!
  • Seeing your kindness and love Allah is the gift you rewarded me with! Inshallah!

Use these ‘birthday wishes for me’ to praise the Lord on that special day. Congratulate yourself on your birthday and be thankful to God for giving us life and filling it with meaning. On this special day, in the first place, we need to thank God for his love and mercy to us.

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