A1 Joda releases ‘Olanlesi’ visual

A1 Joda releases ‘Olanlesi’ visual

By Olaitan Ganiu


Budding Afrobeats singer, A1 Joda has officially released the visual of his album titled song, ‘Olanlesi.’

The track is the third off the 12-track album to have a video after the release of A1 Joda’s sophomore album.

The musical video projects African essence especially in makeups, props, and costumes with themes revolving around good life, nature, happiness, and prosperity.

Speaking on the inspiration and motivation for the track, A1 Joda says the whole idea of the song itself is more of a prayer song, self acclaim to greatness.

“As Africans, we strongly believe there is power in the tongue, and that reflects a lot in the names we give our children, rarely will you find an African child without a reason or inspiration to the name he or she bears, irrespective of language or culture.

Continuing he said, “Being Nigerian and Yoruba from the South Western part of the country, I was inspired to work with those beautiful and deeply rooted great names our people bear to write this lovely song. It’s a song of hope, assurance, and determination.”

The album was released on January 24, 2021, and has been receiving impressive reviews and churns of streams across the globe.

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