Actresses Whose Husbands Were Snatched By Colleagues

Actresses Whose Husbands Were Snatched By Colleagues

It is no more news that a lot of drama always come up in the movie industry, almost on daily basis. It has become the norm of the industry. This days on social media we get to hear of different funny news on happenings in the industry.

If one actress is not fighting with another actress today, then they might even be in stiff competition over who is richer or more influential in the society.

Some even go as far as competiting with houses and cars. The drama tends to go on, and on, and trust the fans, they enjoy every bit of it.

Just few days ago 2 actresses were reported by a popular blog to be at war over a man, who is engaged to one of the actresses already of colleagues snatching spouses is a normal thing in the industry, though most of them claim, they started dating and even settled down with these men, after they called it off with their colleagues whom they were once happily married to.

So let’s meet the top actresses whose husbands got snatched by their colleagues in the industry.

One of the most popular of these scandals is actress Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill crashed marriage, who happily got married and the marriage was blessed with a cute boy. But the highly celebrated marriage crashed on on account of the affair between Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband and his personal assistant, Rosy Meurer who also happens to be an actress.

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