After Wife Puts to Bed, Husband Cooks Pounded Yam and Soup to Thank Her, Video Emerges

Aug 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • A TikTok video of a husband preparing a meal for his wife after she gave birth has gone viral
  • The man was seen pounding yam and making soup for his spouse, who just put to bed
  • He seemed happy that his wife had delivered a baby and wanted to cook a delicious dish for her

A heartwarming video of a loving husband cooking a traditional meal for his wife who had just given birth to their child has captured the attention of many on TikTok.

The video showed the devoted man pounding yam with a mortar and pestle and preparing a delicious soup with assorted meat and vegetables for his beloved partner.

Photo of young man
Husband cooks for wife. Photo credit: TikTok/
Source: TikTok

Man appreciates lover for giving birth

The husband’s face radiated joy and gratitude as he celebrated the arrival of their precious baby and expressed his care and affection for his wife through his culinary skills.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Justme reacted:

“Babe I don’t want pounded yam again I want hot ofe akwU and riceS.”


“Husband material gather here let the wife material choose their choice.”

High Star wrote:

“That poUnded yam smooth pass some people relationship.”

Jennifer commented:

“Nobody is talking about the softness of the pounded yam.”

Triple trouble:

“Na husband wey cook omugwo food for US we go born another baby for& congratulations u be husband material Im yards.”

Ekwutosian Baby:

“This pounded yam is on the higher level good job.”


“That pounded yam Dey call mecongratulations sir God bless you for helping out.”


“See man now God bless voU more.”

Lady with oyinbo husband shows him off, says he married her with pregnancy

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a beautiful young lady has shared a video of herself and her handsome Oyinbo lover. She revealed that they both met on a dating app.

The lady, @benithemia, said the lover bought her a car two weeks into their relationship.

Later, he proposed at a time both of them never knew she was already pregnant.


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