Akin Lewis speaks on new film,’The New Patriots’

Akin Lewis speaks on new film,’The New Patriots’

By Olaitan Ganiu

Nollywood veterans Akin Lewis, Dele Odule, Bimbo Oshin, and other top stars have narrated their experience on the production of a socio-political film, ‘The New Patriots’.

Lewis, in a chat with The Nation, described the film as a progressive democracy, youth advocacy, revolution, all in one movie.

Speaking on his role, Akin Lewis said fans should expect total exposure and revelation on corrupt leaders.

“Every project has its own ambiance, so does ‘The New Patriots’. Great script, marvelous production, we had a lot of experienced people on the ground, from the producer to the director, the cast and crew. I played the role of the President whose daughters were kidnapped, and that led to a new order of things.”

On how the movie relates to the current situation in Nigeria, he said: “in the movie, as a president, I listened, but right now our president doesn’t seem to be listening, to the youths especially. I am not saying the youths are totally correct, but they need to be listened to. So, it was quite an experience, I heard about the movie being selected for some international film festivals, I just said, that is the type of work we do actually. Well, as the movie’s release date almost coincides with Democracy Day on June 12, they need to watch out ‘The New Patriots’, it is a movie they will definitely like.”

Shot in Ile-Ife, Osun State, ‘The New Patriots’ is a socio-political movie, which tells the story of a country that witnessed a massive revolution from a set of young people called ‘The Patriots’ and were able to make sure everyone around them lives a better life by getting their rights from the government without any form of violence.

The New Patriots’, produced by Dr. Rotimi Adelola and directed by foremost director Adebayo Tijani, is slated to be in the cinemas from June 11.

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