ALARA Of ILARA Holds 1st Kilajolu Festival

ALARA Of ILARA Holds 1st Kilajolu Festival

The Ilara Eredo-Epe community in Lagos became a mini-pilgrimage on Saturday, May 15, 2021, as the attention of Lagos was drawn to its annual Kilajolu festival. It was the first of its kind for Oba Dr Olufolarin Ogunsanwo who is just about to celebrate his first year on the throne of his ancestors.

The event which took place at the palace of the Alara of Ilara Eredo-Epe came alive as many sons and daughters of Ilara Eredo-Epe came home from their far and distant locations to celebrate. It was a pure display of culture, the wealth of Ilara Eredo-Epe and many other things the community has to sell to the whole world. Different royal fathers topped the list of the dignitaries that stormed the event.

Oba Dr Ogunsanwo himself was an inspiration to many with his style, speech, elegant royal regalia, and composure. His speech was full of hope and a bright future for the community while he noted that the festival was majorly meant to bless every son and daughter of Ilara Eredo-Epe both at home and in the diaspora. City People’s DAMILARE SALAMI (08155134152) graced the event alongside Photojournalist, Abdulrasheed Sanni and he brings you some of the exclusive gists, enjoy.


The Kilajolu festival holds every year in the Ilara Eredo-Epe community of Lagos. It is a festival that affords all indigenes of Ilara Epe starting with the Oba down to the youngest person, the opportunity to come together to pray, seek the face of God and felicitate together as one big family. The festival marks the beginning of a new season. Because Ilara Eredo-Epe is basically a farmer-based community, this festival enables them to pray for rain, peace and tranquillity and the progress of Ilara Epe. It also displays the culture of the ancient town thereby ensuring the continuity of the rich culture of Ilara Epe by orally passing it down to the incoming generation, year-in and year-out.


It is customary for the Kilajelu masquerade to open a flogging exercise for all the youths and adults in the land. An inside source revealed that the essence of this exercise was for the purification of the land and the people. At the event, it was the Kabiyesi, Oba Dr Ogunsanwo who got whipped first by the masquerade three times before it was extended to other members of the community.


It was a parade of royalties as different royal fathers across the southwest region and beyond came to honour Oba Dr Ogunsanwo and the entire Ilara-Epe people. Starting with the Alapomu of Apomuland, Oba Kayode Afolabi who stormed the event in sparkling white regalia, the list of the Obas was virtually endless. Obateru of Egbin Kingdom, Oba (Dr.) Adeoriyomi Abdu-Akeem Oluwasesan Oyebo was among the royal fathers that stood out. His style and charming look in his white regalia only spelt out the splendour of his throne. Also among the royal fathers that were sighted was Oba Monsuru Ladega, the Olu of Agboyi Ketu.


The fun of the event came to the fore as the compere of the day, Prince Kehinde Ladega thrilled all the guests and royal fathers at the event. Kehinde is a popular on-air-personality with the radio Lagos. He is young and has a deep knowledge of the Yoruba language. This skill added some beauty to his performance as he eulogized all the royal fathers using the beauty of the Yoruba culture. His performance was indeed splendid as he perfectly code-mixed the English and Yoruba languages.


If the entry of other royal fathers were noteworthy, then that of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi would be regarded as terrific. It started with his royal entourage who announced his entry through the royal trumpeter. This was immediately followed by his security who ensured that they clear the way for the son of Oduduwa. Ooni entered the event in the company of the Alara of Ilara and other royal fathers who left the gathering to meet him on the way; as a sign of total respect to His Imperial Majesty.


It was not just a Yoruba gathering. The Alara has attracted so many fishes to Ilara Epe-Eredo in this year’s Kilajelu Festival and one of them was a royal father in Anambra State and his beautiful wife. HRH Igwe Godwin Ezeadisionu is the Obu Nanka of Nanka in Anambra State, he is a first-class royal father and he came down to Ilara Epe with his wife to honour his friend and colleague, Oba Dr. Ogunsanwo. His outfits stood him out at the event. He came in his traditional royal garment and fully represented the Igbo tribe in words, speech and actions.

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