A'isha Raji

Emma Watson debuts new tattoo… with a glaring error

Emma Watson has shown a permanent commitment to the Time’s Up movement as she debuted a tattoo with the words at the Oscars. But people were quick to notice that the actress and UN ambassador was missing a vital punctuation mark from the inking – an apostrophe. Instead of reading “Time’s Up”, Ms Watson’s tattoo […]

Thai efforts to protect location for DiCaprio film The Beach from tourist damage

Tourist boats could be banned from entering the world famous bay where the blockbuster film The Beach was set. Thai officials are considering enforcing the restriction in Maya Bay between June and September to protect the reef. Up to 5,000 people a day visit the small stretch of sand on the island of Koh Phi […]

The facts and figures for 2018

As the finishing touches to the 90th Academy Awards are made, here are some facts and figures about Hollywood’s biggest night. 90 – This is the 90th Academy Awards, so you can expect the ceremony to be full of history and nostalgia. 7,258 – Voting members – up after the Academy increased membership to improve […]

Can the best picture winner avoid a backlash?

In an age of political, social and ethical scrutiny, sometimes it’s hard to get the tone right. In the race for best picture at this year’s Academy Awards, nearly all major contenders have been embroiled in one controversy or another. If, while watching Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, you were empowered by Frances McDormand’s strong […]

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