BABA SALA: What artistes are saying about the late comic icon

BABA SALA: What artistes are saying about the late comic icon

The late Moses Olaiya Adejumo, popularly called Baba Sala was a phenomenal entertainer. Contemporaries and younger artistes attest to his amiability and creative resourcefulness in this report.

I once broke my arm for Baba Sala –Mr. Latin

“BABA Sala was a legend, a pathfinder who showed us the way to be the comedians that we are today. He showed us that indeed, there is money in comedy, and we can all see for ourselves today.

“I once had a broken arm because of Baba Sala. I was in Ilesa in 2002, when he was being conferred with the title of Baba Aladure. I was one of the artistes invited, and as I got down, the crowd was overwhelming, and as they were struggling to greet me, my hand got broken and I nursed it for five months. But the good part was that he wrote me a letter, signed personally by him, that he appreciated my coming. He was a good man.”


He was down to earth -Jide Kosoko

“He was a nice man. A leader and someone most of us looked up to while growing up. He was so accommodating and contributed greatly to the theater, especially in comedy. I remember back then, we were having meeting and everyone kicked against him, but nobody was bold enough to tell him he had wronged us. As young as I was, I picked up courage and mentioned it to him that he had offended a lot of people, and right there, he prostrated to apologise to everyone. That is to show how humble he was. I pray that God grant him eternal peace.”



Generations of artistes gained from his craft -Joke Silva

“Baba Sala was an amazing man, a lot of generations of artistes gained from his craft. At the height of his career, his movie, I cannot remember the name of the movie that got dubbed and flooded the market before its release, which affected him financially. But for the love of the art, he continued and did not let that pull him down.”




ODUNLADE ADEKOLA: He was and still a household name

“What I can say about Baba Sala is that, he was a mega star, an icon. Baba Sala was everything that has to do with every household. He had stopped acting for some years and a 17-year-old can still say one or two things about him without seeing any of his movies. That is to tell you how great he was. I pray that he will rest in perfect peace.”




He was my mentor – Gbenga Adeyinka

“He was not just a comedian, but a national icon and treasure. He paved way for lots of us and what we are enjoying today. For me, who took him as a mentor, I hope that his name will not be forgotten on the face of the earth and that God give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.”




SAIDI BALOGUN: He believed in the youth

“He was a nice man, who believed in the youths. I had once worked with him. He had much passion for what he was doing. He did a movie, ‘Orun Mooru’, which was pirated, but he did not relent as he went ahead to produce another film titled ‘Mosebolatan’, to show that he did not give up. The difference between his work then and that of today is digital. I just pray that young comedians of today would come together and celebrate a legend of comedy.”



Baba Sala never engaged in any deceitful act –Iya Rainbow

“Baba Sala was a good man, humble and does not quarrel. He was a man that told the truth and a man of God to the core. I had known him for a very long time and I can tell that he does not engage in any deceitful act; he will say it the way it is, no matter the circumstances.”

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