Baddy Oosha denies rift with Olamide, says he’s his brother

Baddy Oosha denies rift with Olamide, says he’s his brother


Dubai based music maker and international businessman, Akeem Badmus, known in the industry as Baddy Oosha has disclaimed reports making rounds that he and ‘Shakiti Bobo’ crooner, Olamide are not in good terms over issue arising from a clash in their names. He said some overzealous reporter must have twisted what he said concerning his stage name and Olamide’s nickname ‘Baddo’

“How could a clash in a name brought about a rift between two friends. What I said was that my stage name ‘Baddy Oosha’ was derived from my name ‘Badmus’ and that the ‘Oosha’ is a name given to me by my grandfather. Olamide has been nothing but a brother to me. He’s been real to me since day one. He will understand it’s just the media yet it pains me that what I said could be so twisted. This is why I don’t grant interviews Olamide is my family, he’s my blood, like we are like brothers. Me, Olamide, Small Doctor and Reminisce are closer to one another than anyone in the industry. So, I will not like any sort of misunderstanding among us,” he quipped in a WhatsApp chat with Vanguard.

He said the only time he ever said Olamide was unhappy with him was when he told the reporter that Olamide wasn’t happy how he kept quiet about the discovery of his latest singee ‘Picazo Rhap’, especially when Tunde Ednut went public that it was through his Instagram page Olamide discovered Picazzo.

“If not that Olamide came out to clear the air on how he discovered Picazo Rhap I wouldn’t have uttered a word. It was Olamide who replied Tunde Ednut that he didn’t discover the artist through his page, that, it was through me he discovered him. Olamide was angry because I always keep quiet, So, he went ahead and posted to let the world know Picazo Rhap was discovered by him via my page. If not because Olamide talked l would surely have kept quiet.

So, they listed out the artists I’ve helped and put up through my platform” he added.
Baddyoosha is a business man, who owns a audio and visual equipment company in Dubai known as Oosha Empire Audio and Visual Equipment Company. He’s also an International promoter and a musician with over 10 singles to his credit. After his debut single ‘Esemi’ in 2014, he has gone to record hits like ‘Timbalowo, ‘Angeli, ‘Oga’, ‘Talon Shaye and many more.

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