BBN All Stars: Video As Alex Rains Punches on Ike During Pool Party After Feeling Like He Wanted to Drown Her

Sep 1, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • BBNaija All Stars housemates, Alex and Ike, are now trending on social media after their recently held pool party
  • During what was supposed to be a fun night, Alex was seen raining punches on Ike inside their swimming pool
  • It was gathered that Alex felt like Ike was trying to drown her but the other housemates disagreed, this caused an online stir

BBNaija All Stars housemate, Alex, is now making headlines after she rained punches on Ike during their pool party.

As usual, the BBNaija housemates gathered in the swimming pool on a Thursday night for their weekly party but things took a wrong turn between Ike and Alex.

The housemates were seen having a great time in the water when suddenly Alex was noticed to be raining heavy punches on her co-star, Ike.

BBNaija All Stars: Alex punches Ike during pool party.
BBN All Stars’ fans react as Alex punches Ike after feeling like he wanted to drown her in pool.
Photos: @alex_unusual, @iam_ikeonyeama
Source: Instagram

A number of the housemates did not seem to realise what was going on and they looked on while others continued partying.

See the video below:

Housemates defend Ike, blame Alex

After Alex’s rain of punches on Ike inside the swimming pool, the matter soon escalated and the other housemates shared their thoughts on it. Venita, Adekunle and others told Alex she was wrong and claimed that Ike wasn’t trying to hurt her.

See the video below:

Reactions as Alex punches Ike in the pool after feeling like he wanted to drown her

The altercation between Alex and Ike during the pool party soon became a trending topic that had fans of the show talking. Read some of their comments below:


“You guys don’t understand the phobia for water is real, she can’t swim, she even avoids the water, even if she wasn’t drowning at that time, do you know if that’s her reaction to the fear she felt after coming back up. Ike likes rough play but it shouldn’t be with everyone, everyone reacts differently.”


“I now know a lot of people don’t watch this show well, but just follow blogs and misleading captions, it was her survival instincts that kicked in and this can happen to anyone that can’t swim ,yes ike was playing but she felt like she was drowning , that’s cause she can’t breathe , so I totally understand her, now they have settled and they are all good, I don’t think she should get a strike for it at all.”


“Alex just beat Ike like say him be small pikin, now I believe when Kidd said Ike is been bullied… this is physical abuse.”


“First of all that pool is the size of Alex lower waist so she can’t drowning she was silly for punching Ike ”


“I didn’t see the drowning oo or even her head under water.”


“Alex went overboard!! Bcus she wasn’t drowning at d point she start hitting him, what now happen??”


“She is Aquaphobic! Dont joke with people with their greatest fears!! She may have over reacted cos she felt she was gonna drown! They both misunderstood themselves !”


“I watched it. She misunderstood Ike. Ike was trying to help her. And she physically attacked him. I jus dey wait for Biggie to address it. Even Ike dey cry for en bed now. If na man do am now na house en go dey go. Omo Biggie do Ur work abeg.”


“That guy was extremely rough in that pool. Ike is dangerous.”


“This was even to violent to watch. I’m a strong fan Alex but you were abusive and aggressive. I hope this doesn’t cost you disqualification. In the video there’s no evidence to show he wanted to drown you. But the hitting was too much! Gosh.”


“Whether Alex overreacted or not I think Mr and Mrs Venita should just learn to mind their business. Them too dey buy matter when no concern them ”


“None of you were inside the pool with them to know exactly what happened. She felt drowning instinct, she can’t just start punching Ike without anything happening, you all should think with your brains and not just because she’s not your fave. Let’s be realistic.”


“Definitely..ignorance is not excuse for violence. From the visuals,the HMs account and Alex acceptance,she deserves a punishment.”

When they disqualified Mercy I said Thank God o – Doyin

BBNaija All Stars’ housemate, Doyin, made headlines over her comment after Mercy was disqualified from a task.

Just recently, the housemates participated in a sponsored task from Supa Kommando and along the line, Mercy was stopped from playing the game and was disqualified.

Later, after the task had been concluded, Doyin was seen speaking with one of its winners, Neo, and expressing glee that Mercy was disqualified from the game.


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