Behold St Valentine’s plans and secret wishes

Behold St Valentine’s plans and secret wishes

St. Valentine’s Day which comes up every February 14th  of each year means different things to different people. However, there’s no special prescription for the day on what to do, how to do it or even where you  need to be.

It is an occasion opened to all sorts of desires, aspirations and secret yearnings. However, when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day publications,  Potpourri  has done it all. This year, some few days to the D-Day, we decided to seek opinions of some entertainment people on what they got planned for the day and the secret wishes they harbour in the innermost recesses of their hearts. Read on:

I just want to lie in bed – Sotayo Sobola I just wanna lie in bed, surf the internet,   click likes and drop a few comments on posts. Drop a very brief Happy Valentines Day Hunnie   to my husband.   My wish is for God to continue to bless myself and my household, since everyday is like Valentine’s Day around me.

Spending time with my man – Ella Mensah

My plan for Val’s is simple: spending time with my man. We will go out. He has already planned the whole thing but I have no idea where exactly we are going since we are still on half lockdown here in New York. But I trust my man ! So I know wherever he will take me will be amazing.

I’m giving him some crazy styles like never before – Peggy Onah

Exploring new erotic crazy shit. My plans for Val are being with my man, doing things I have never done with him before, giving him some crazy styles like never before. Showing him love like I have never done before.

My secret wishes are: Recently, I just bought a sex kit, I cant wait to handcuff his hands on bed and whoop his sexy little ass. Also, making more money and spending the rest of my life with the man I love. My baby is so crazy that he sniffs my lingerie. So, exploring crazy things with him this Val season won’t be a bad idea

I wish to celebrate next Val with my husband – Peju Johnson

All I want for St. Valentine’s Day is 24 hours of doing nothing weird though. But I just want to sleep, eat and watch movies then sleep again. My secret wish is to celebrate next year’s Val with my husband or fiance.

I wish for my man to be around, all cuddle up – Whykayy

My plan for Val is to stay indoors; watch movies and sleep. For wishes, I wish for my man to be around, cuddle up, watch movies together, go out for dinner and exchange gifts .

I’m staying home with my family – Florence Chinaza

My plan for Val is staying home with my family because they are my loved ones. Val is not only for couples and boyfriends etc. its for your loved ones.

My secret wishes is to become a great woman in life in good health, long life and support the needy.

I am going to be crowned queen – Ijeoma Thomas

Honestly, I have a lot of plans for Val. I am going to be crowned queen that very day and after that I will go catch fun, a whole lot of fun with few of my girlfriends. This day only comes but once a year, and when it does, it means it’s time to spread the love, give those you know a big hug, and enjoy yourself.

I don’t have a Val – Feyisara Hassan

I don’t have a Val . So, I don’t have any plans , I will be at work.

My man wants us to go for paintballing then dinner – Monalisa Stephen

Well, my man wants us to go for paintballing then dinner. But for us everyday is Valentine.

My Secret wish is just to be happy.

I sincerely wish I have a man I can go on vacation with – Titi Adeoye

I don’t always go out on Valentine’s day because I believe there shouldn’t be a special   day to celebrate the people we love. We can celebrate them any day, anytime and anywhere. But this year, I wish to do something different. Majorly, spending the whole day with my daughter and sister. I sincerely wish I had a man I can go on vacation with this season; all loved up and doing crazy things I’ve never done before.

I will celebrate Val when I find love – Mimisola Daniels

Someone who is single doesn’t really have plans but would most likely be at home. I have never celebrated Val, so, hopefully when I find love. No love yet.

I wish to twerk for that special person – Chesan Nze

My plan for Valentine Day is to send gifts to orphans who need love. Spoil myself with spa and lovely gifts because I am single.  My secret wishes on that Day would be to receive Red Roses and 8-digit cheque.


Red light salsa dance to Konga music beat with someone’s son; Share a bottle of sweet wine with someone special; watch my first film with him and twerk for that special person and end it with prayers.

I should be married by next year – Fatima Adeoye

I will be spending St Valentine’s Day in Dubai and my secret wish is that by this same time next year I should be spending Valentine with my husband. That means I should be married by next year Valentine.

I will be with my guy in the house – Toyin Idowu

Actually I don’t really have plans. Just going to be in the house with my guy that’s all…


I will cook and hit the street with food made with love -Nneoma Okoro

Cook and hit the streets with food made with love to share in my own little way of showing love.

My secret wishes are to be wealthy, to have a man who respects me and to have awesome kids.

I wish to be alone on an island with the man I love – Mojisola Adebanjo

Valentine’s Day is like every other day to me, I will be working though. I wish I can just be on an island with the man I love throughout that day without doing anything and be showered with all kinds of gifts.

I will get myself a lovely greeting card with the best of love messages – Olive Utalor

Love definitely heals the world, it is the only thing we need now in this nation, knowing we have gone through a lot this past few months. So, for   me, my Valentine’s Day is really gonna start with meditation. Then go out there and get myself a lovely greeting card with the best encryption of love messages and go to church and dance like never before . After that, I will show love and celebrate my fans with lots of gifts.

I have just one special wish and that is that the cure for Covid-19 comes from my beloved country Nigeria.

Will love to receive flowers, the type with dollars in between – Eva Adaeze

I’d like to describe Valentine’s Day as an international festival celebrating the feeling of love but, on the contrary, when you live in Nigeria it is used as a yardstick and a validation for true love. I, on the other hand, like to think of it as just a normal day. I’ve never been that type of girl that takes Valentine’s Day too seriously. Everyday feels like it ,but then different strokes for different folks.

While some of us plan on waking up to that hot steamy sex, having a shower together, wearing that hot lingerie underneath your work clothes etc, my own plan is to stay indoors during the early hours of the day. And receiving flowers (the type that include dollars in between), Oh!, and chocolates too,and also drinking my favorite bottle of wine , `Declan’ would be ideal for me. Seeing that we are currently in a pandemic, one has to learn to enjoy their own company. And for the rest of the evening, I guess we’ll never find out would we?

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