Being happily married has nothing to do with careers — Chioma Toplis

Being happily married has nothing to do with careers — Chioma Toplis

While the entertainment industry is perceived by many as being injurious to lasting marital unions, some actresses are obviously swimming in it and enjoying the best of both worlds: limelight and nuptial bliss. One of such acts is Nollywood’s Chioma Toplis, who came to national consciousness in the movie, ‘Stolen Bible’, which also starred Kate Henshaw.

According to her, in her 25 years of marriage, “It is wrong to think that marriages fail because one is in this career or that job. I hear a lot of people saying actresses do not do well in marriage and I wonder what side of the bed they always wake up from. It cuts across careers. From teaching, banking, entertainment to politics, one gets couples who are sad and some who are very happy.

I have been married for 25 years and still counting.  I can say that being happily married does not have anything to do with one’s career. It is purely out of mutual understanding. What works for me in my marriage may not work for another woman. Marriage does not come with a manual. Understanding is what couples need to live happily.”

The mother of three says her advice for women who are passionate about acting but shy to embrace it because of their marriage is to believe in themselves, and avoid cliques and gossip in the industry, while pursuing their goals. “They need to believe in the goal first and foremost.

Then they must be true and avoid having cliques and gossip. If they try and do not succeed, they must try, try and try again. Rome was not built in a day as they say.”

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