‘Big Brother Naija showed lots of Nigerian culture’

‘Big Brother Naija showed lots of Nigerian culture’


After 99 days, the season four of Big Brother Naija reality TV show finally came to an end with housemate Mercy Eke making history by becoming the first female to win the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. On Tuesday, Mercy was presented with her gift of N25m Innoson SUV and a cheque of N30m at a press conference in Lagos. JOE AGBRO JR was there and writes.

IN the last days of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, housemates Tacha and Mercy had fought. It was the fall-out of the fight that led to Tacha’s disqualification, much to the chagrin of Tacha’s fans. This was to be expected as Tacha was already in contention of emerging winner of Big Brother Naija and clinching the top prizes.

Tacha’s disqualification however, put a comma into whether the franchise would continue to identify with her. Hence, at the press conference to present gifts to Mercy who finally emerged winner of the reality show, this question was put to organisers of the reality show.

But Multichoice Nigeria CEO, John Ugbe, did not have a conclusive answer. According to Ugbe, Multichoice Nigeria would get in touch with Endemol, owners of the Big Brother franchise, to provide an answer regarding the relationship Bg Brother Naija would have with Tacha.

“We would get to Endemol (owners of the Big Brother format) and give a statement on that,” Ugbe disclosed.

“It’s a format and the format has been on. So, we are also under contract. But what we’ll do is we’ll get a proper statement from Endemol and we’ll give a statement.”

And while some Nigerians have plugged into Big Brother Naija as a reality show reflective of Nigeria, others have slammed the show, citing immorality. However, Ugbe said Multichoice continue to ‘tame’ the show. He however, warned that it can’t be ‘over-tamed’ as it is a reality show.

“We can’t tell people not to be themselves,” Ugbe said.

“I think that takes the entire show away.”

Speaking further, he said there is ‘a lot of learning’ on the show.

“I don’t know how many of us wake up in the morning and actually exercise. I know I got one or two calls. And these calls were not from 20 year olds. There’s someone that called me that his dad was doing exercises with the housemates and he’s probably 60-something. He wakes every morning and joins the housemates. So, there was a club formed just around that morning exercise that people would come together and exercise with the housemates. That’s just one thing. Then, in the tasks, lots and lots of culture goes in there which we tend to overlook. That’s how Big Brother is. I don’t know how many places in the country had as good an Independence celebration as we had in the House. I was one of those that watched it right till about 2am. So, I don’t think I have stayed across 12 midnight into first of October ever.

“So, there’s a lot and it may appear subtle but it is intentional that we pass our message around our culture, our theme Nigeria, our history. We have quizzes, we have puzzles. It’s also an opportunity for us to create a lot of jobs.

“And I think it (BB Naija) teaches a lot of control.”

Mercy keeps mute on allegation she enhanced her butt for N5m

While Mercy who prefers to be known as ‘winner of Big Brother Naija’, has achieved a bigger status after taking possession of her N25m Innoson SUV in addition to the N30m cheque, she seems still cool-headed regarding her relationship with fellow housemate, Ike.

Mercy said winning Big Brother was her best moment while Ike leaving the Big Brother Naija house was her ‘worst moment.’ Repeating her love for Ike, she said that winning the season four of Big Brother Naija won’t make any difference between she and Ike’s relationship.

“Winning the money has nothing to do with I and Ike’s relationship,” she said.

“It is bigger than that.”

Mercy also said that while she felt bad that Tacha was disqualified after both of them had a fight, “Tacha is one female I admire.”

However, Mercy declined to confirm or disprove the allegations in some quarters that she enhanced her butt for the sum of N5m. In fact, the question flustered Mercy and the interview session was stopped briefly.

My wife is the biggest influence in my life – Mike

THOUGH he came out first runner-up, Housemate Mike got the admiration of many Nigerians, especially male because of the way he conducted himself. Throughout the 99 days he stayed, he not only got along with other housemates, he was also able to avoid any female-related scandal.

While thanking his fans and housemates, the tall sportsman and entrepreneur admitted that his wife was the reason why he didn’t need to romp in the house.

“When you find something good, you hold on to it,” he said of his wife during the press conference.

“And being in the house, I knew that my wife is the biggest influence in my life.”

We were able to penetrate the female market – Bet9ja

AS the lead sponsor of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Bet9ja has said it was satisfied with the outcome of the show. The Senior Marketing Manager of Bet9ja, Mr Olufemi Osobajo, disclosed that the show allowed the company penetrate the sports betting market more with their latest campaign tagged, ‘more than a bet.’

He said the company, using the Big Brother Naija platform was able to show Nigerians that sports betting is not negative.

“We wanted to remove negative stigma of sports betting to let it be a lifestyle game,” he said.

“And we’ve been able to achieve that.

“I was passing through Yaba (Lagos) and I saw our jackets on the rail,” said Osobajo.

“They were being sold in traffic to people. That is the first time (such is happening).”

With the Season Four of Big Brother Naija reality TV show over, Nigerians can look forward to the 2020 edition.

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