Boss reality show winners get prizes

Boss reality show winners get prizes

By Sam Anokam

As promised, the organisers of the Boss Reality Television Show have made good their promise of rewarding winners of the unique show.

The reward according to the show’s project manager, Franklyn Oshio Imhomoh, is a total package of N5m worth of deal in which the main winner goes home with some amount of money, a car, and other deals and the first five finalists also have some things to go home with.

“It is not a winner takes it all show. We want all other contestants to go home with some money too,” Imhomoh said.

Explaining further what the reality show is all about, Imhomoh said: “We believe everyone has a unique talent that can put food on their table but when these talents are not well managed and exposed, it dies. Some talented youths and celebrities have failed along their career path because they lack basic creative and entrepreneurial skills to survive.”

Continuing, he said, “The Boss Reality TV show is different from other shows because it is a blend of “edutainment” and “busi-tainment” that enlightens contestants with innovation in a fun style. The show is a bridge of this gap whereby our value proposition is to train youths on writing business proposals, creating unique ideas that solve social problems.”

Overall Winner of the competition, Adeyemi Babatunde, a photographer, and videographer says what he will delve more into videography, learn and equip himself with his prize money. The first runner-up, Adeniyi Victor said he would invest in agriculture (cassava processing) while the second runner-up, Yusuf Damilola Mistura revealed he would go into poultry farming.

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