Burna Boy releases visuals for ‘23’

Burna Boy releases visuals for ‘23’

By Sampson Unamka

Grammys winner Burna Boy has displayed top-notch artistry in the visuals to “23”, the tenth track off his award-winning album ‘Twice as Tall.’

The music video was released over a week after Burna Boy won the coveted Grammys.

Burna Boy gets to the heart of the matter in the sombre and reflective tune, which alludes to Michael Jordan’s basketball jersey number “23”.

Passing the message of ‘Impossible is Nothing,’ the music video director narrates different impossibilities becoming possibilities.

A basketball champion, wheelchair-ridden from birth, and an aspiring female songwriter and music producer who grew up in orphanages, all rise to conquer new heights.

In a mix of English, pidgin English and Yoruba, the ‘23’visual, which comes from a place of transformation, maturity, and growth close with the African Giant’s palpable excitement.

The big idea for this visual, it was gathered, was to shed light and give a platform to under-celebrated creatives and athletes all over the world.

Clarence Peters displays the brilliance he’s known for in capturing the pulse of the exceptional visual.

‘23’ was produced by Skread and the music video was directed by Clarence Peters.

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