Collaborate more, make good criticism a foundation

Collaborate more, make good criticism a foundation

By Sampson Unamka


Popular Nigerian comedian, Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth has shared some tips for his success as an entertainer.

The comic act, in a session with participants at the Tony Elumelu Foundation series, urged players in the creative industry to collaborate more and endure constructive and positive criticisms.

“When you have created that content and you know that it is dope, you can share it with people, feed on them. By the way, you must be ready to take anything from critics, take it in, it doesn’t matter, let it be your foundation and when they give it to you, it might hurt your feelings, because creativity you put a lot in and then someone says this is not good, yeah if it is not good, take it back, do not just take it (criticism) from one person sample it between two to five people and from the poll if everybody is saying the same thing then trust me you have to fix it,” he said.


The co-producer of the popular TV series, ‘My Flatmates,’ revealed that despite his success, he still shares his content with people to get their views and comments.

Basketmouth also encouraged the participants to collaborate rather than shoving ideas away for lack of funds. ‘If an idea comes to you, do not shove it to one side and say I do not have money for this. Bring in somebody, partner with somebody if it is a great idea they will see it and invest in it.”

He went further to say no one should feel too comfortable with his or her achievement even at the height of their career.

Basketmouth, who released a musical project in December 2020, further urged creatives to be at peace with themselves. “Finally, if you are creative, in whatever you do, you must have peace inside you, be at peace with yourself. Without that trust me, nothing can come in, positive attracts positive that’s how it works.”

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