Coming to America 2, a creative calamity ― Critics

Coming to America 2, a creative calamity ― Critics

The remake of the 1988 classic film, Coming To America has been greeted with mixed feelings. Most reviews across the world on different platforms have scored the film below average. A critic from Nigeria who is totally disenchanted with the film has described it as “a creative calamity.”

Dr Olufunmilayo who reviewed the film, Coming To America 2 in the light of the success and appeal of the first instalment says it is a total creative calamity, adding it is also “a foolish narrative of an African mythical palace in a jungle of lions and elephants strolling around.”

“If you ever saw Part 1 don’t watch Coming To America 2. It will damage your memory of the story. Silly choreographed scenes and stupid unfunny jokes. It was just excessive silliness, There was absolutely zero need for a Part 2. How anybody watched all that theatrical stupidity and felt hyped is beyond me,” Dr Olufunmilayo declares on Twitter.

Dr Funmilayo is not the only one disappointed with the remake, a host of other reviewers have towed the same line of thought.

According to Anna Menta of Decider, “It’s not the game-changer that the original was, but you will have some laughs.”

“It’s lazy, barrel-scraping cinema at its worst,” says Kevin Maher of Times (UK).

Dennis Schwartz of Movie Reviews opines, “ If you saw the old film there seems to be no reason to see this woeful remake.” For Jeremy Jahns, a movie reviewer, “It just lacks the purity and heart of the original- it’s your basic sequel to a 30-year-old movie.”

In over one thousand ratings the movie had, it scored just 42% by the audience who had seen it.

Coming To America 2 premiered in Nigeria on March 5, 2021. The movie stars heavyweight Hollywood stars like Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Wesley Snipes among others. The major attraction for most Nigerians in the film is the cameo appearance by singer Davido who performed his popular number “Assurance” in a less than two minutes take.

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