Africa 2050 Summit(Dominican University)

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Africa 2050 Summit(Dominican University)

AFRICA 2050 

Africa 2050 is a shared passion by THE CIRCLE MEDIA PLUS and AFRICAN VOICE NEWSPAPER UK and is becoming a movement of passionate youth to see a developed Africa before the year 2050.  Having organised Africa 2050 summit in UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI, KAMPALA UNIVERSITY, LEAD CITY UNIVERSITY, and UNIVERSITY of IBADAN, it has become a vision to run with extending our tentacles to other Universities across Africa to reach out to the Future leaders of this great continent to wake up and make a change.

Africa has been perceived as a dark continent and dwarfed by International Media. The continent is characterised by poverty, diseases, political instability, war and corruption. This is a call to take limit off Africa and position her in a path of victory and success before the year 2050. The share vision of 2050 is for Africa to soar higher and take her rightful position ensuring all nations within the continents are developed.


The prime quality of great leaders is the clear perception they hold about the future; thinking about the future most of the time. And thinking about the future requires strategic planning, which is in turn requires a visionary leadership. For the future of the Africa’s development, some kinds of strategies are imperatives, namely quality leadership, increased industrial research and development, strong democratic institution, effective legislation against political and economic corruption, both of which are impediment to sustainable development. 

The African continent is in need of leadership. As Marwan Bishara, a senior political analyst at Al-Jazeera writes, ‘States of the world: In search of Leadership’ (Al Jazeera September 27, 2015) There are many world rulers, but no leaders or leadership. Bishara’s perception is that these world leaders, ‘instead of leading by example among the family of Nations’, world leadership are acting like toxic in-laws. They …preach that which they don’t practice, cause tensions, and create more problems than they solve.

 Turning  the search light on African leaders and the level of development of the continent, one cannot but appeal for a rethink by our leaders to toe the path of greatness, to imbibe the culture that power is for service and not personal accumulation of wealth, that the purpose of leadership is the seeking of the general good will of the people, to meet the needs of the people who need prosperity and dignity.


• Service leadership, the perception lost in African leadership

• Introducing Hygiene into African politics through quality leadership

• Empowering the youth towards national development


The summit will be an intellectual gathering of concerned political leaders, industry leaders, media giants, erudite and youth from different institutions across Nigeria. The podium will be given to distinguished speakers and at the end have a think- tank section of dissecting the subject matter. This is not a political campaign forum but a soul-searching summit of building a large room of development for the upcoming generation.


To create a pool of thought that will lure Africa to rise to her potentials.

To develop the psychological well-being of our leaders and channel them towards the right path

To re-orientate the mind of our leaders and the youths alike.

To make every Youth know that they are agent of change.

To raise leaders that will invest in the future of the upcoming generation.


• Highlight their personal responsibility towards the development of their country.

• Form a network of people that can deliberate on way forward.


• Identify their own action plan and investment into the future of Africa. I own action plan and investment into the future of AFRICA

• To start the process of walking and working in love with the understanding of its


• To list principles of good governance and the scrutinize vision align with good Governance.

• To come to the full knowledge of being responsible for the development of Africa

• To plan and invest in the future leaders and the generation yet un-born.



Friday, November 29,2019 at Dominican University Ibadan

TIME: 10am-1pm

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