Fans responsible for our break-up, says Mr P

Fans responsible for our break-up, says Mr P

By Ekaete Bassey

Singer/songwriter Peter Okoye aka Mr P has blamed fans for the separation of the popular P Square band, which consisted himself and the twin brother.

Fans, he said, broke the duo by constantly comparing them.

He also hit hard fans who claimed the P Square band would have won Grammys had they remained together.

In a live interaction section with his fans on Instagram, the pop singer argued they do not matter anymore as the duo has decided to do their thing separately and it will stay like that.

He also noted that the same ill treatment and constant bashing he suffered with his twin is now being meted out on Davido and Wizkid.

Fans, he said, continuously try to create rift between the two singers, forcing them to attack each other.

Okoye said he has since moved on, stating he is no longer pained by the separation.

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