Fashion school or roadside tailor? Eeny meeny miney moe

Fashion school or roadside tailor? Eeny meeny miney moe

Fashion school or roadside tailor? Eeny meeny miney moe
Kofoworola Agboola

By Kofoworola Agboola

Every average aspiring designer or fashion enthusiast who wants to go into fashion design has been faced with this dilemma: Where should I learn? Who will give me the best? Who will help me best mould my raging passion for fashion and help me become a super designer?

I remember when I first started contemplating where to learn how to sew; there were so many good places (but the ones that were likely to give me those styles I dreamed of, were either on the island, which was far from my home, or too damn expensive).

I was confused, I finally settled for a roadside tailor she was an excellent one. But I noticed that, after three months, I still haven’t touched the sewing machine, they gave me menial jobs that had little to do with sewing instead.

I also realised that it is only the style that customers brought that I would learn from, So, if a customer doesn’t bring a wedding dress or bustier, I have no opportunity to learn it, no matter how many years I stayed. Some of my ‘seniors ‘ who have been there for some years can’t even sew beyond the regular styles!

I decided there and then that if I were to go far in this fashion business and quickly too I had better find a fashion school and urgently too.

In a fashion school setting, you work with syllabus, and you don’t have to wait for any customer before you learn sewing techniques, there are no gaps in your knowledge, your hand is literally held, step by step, till you become strong enough to sew and design on your own.

And then it hits me.

The roadside tailor’s shop is a place of business. A complete beginner cannot have the appropriate support they need in that set up, your hand cannot be held, it is a busy environment, it is fast-paced.

However, a roadside tailor shop is a perfect place for a fashion internship programme, After you have been grounded in the basics in your fashion school, The tailor’s shop offers live experience with working with clients, learning new methods of making specific styles, learning about the secrets of dress construction etc.

In other words, going straight to a tailors shop is like putting the cart before the horse; skipping primary and secondary school straight to the university.

Don’t worry, if you cannot afford to go to the fashion school of your dream due to financial constraints, look out for the one that has a syllabus that can ground you in the basics of sewing. Having gotten this basic support, you can then take cheaper short courses online to keep growing and adding to your knowledge… To your success.

Kofoworola Agboola is a fashion coach, designer and consultant

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