Frank Edwards: Why I named my EP Anglican

Frank Edwards: Why I named my EP Anglican

By Sampson Unamka


Popular contemporary gospel singer, Frank Edwards has revealed why his latest Extended Play (EP) is named Anglican.

The award-winning singer made this known while responding to his fans on Instagram.

“Since I moved to Lagos and started attending a pentecostal church a bible believing church, my dad has always frowned at it why did you leave the Anglican Church where you were born and he had been on about it of course when he started to see the result in my life he started soft-pedaling, it was now like he was 100 percent okay with it so I thought okay for his sake I am going to name this EP Anglican I just wanted to make him happy so that is the reason why I named the EP, I wanted to honor my dad.”

Advising artist to evolve in their craft, Frank who doubles as a producer recounted his experience with Don Moen saying, “When I was working with Don Moen on the Grace project, he booked Blackbird studio in Nashville which of course you know Nashville is like a music city a lot of studio and musicians live there you know when I came in from Nigeria with my files and hard drive because I started the production in Nigeria when they heard my sound because at that time I worked that sound I didn’t even have the equipment I have now in the studio and they were wondering how I made it if I had a massive studio in Africa well long and short of the story, we finished voicing and they had to give me the audio to come back to mix in Nigeria and when I finished Don Moen said it was okay I mean and then we released it and I had greatly improved even after then because I am always working on myself, Listen it is pride to come to a point where you no longer need to learn more and now know it all saying ‘I am the greatest’ see the day you say that is the day you start to go down, if you want to remain up you have to be forever upcoming”, he said.


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