Heartwarming Video Shows Dolphin Playing Ball with Little Boy as They Share Happy Moment Together ▷ Nigeria news

Heartwarming Video Shows Dolphin Playing Ball with Little Boy as They Share Happy Moment Together ▷ Nigeria news

– A video was recently shared on LinkedIn in which a dolphin could be seen playing ball with a little boy at a sea park

– The animal and the boy enjoyed their moment together as they passed the ball to each other

– Some social media users were not happy about the video and they took to the comment section to share their thoughts on it

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A heartwarming video has captured the moment a dolphin and a little boy were passing ball to each other.

In the video that was shared on LinkedIn by Jon Steinberg, the boy could be seen at a sea park throwing a ball to the dolphin which threw it back to him.

Heartwarming Video Shows Dolphin Playing Ball with Little Boy as They Share Happy Moment Together
A little boy and a dolphin enjoyed playing ball together.
Photo credit: Jon Steinberg
Source: UGC

The video has further proven that animals are beautiful creatures. Sharing the video, Jon wrote:

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“Watch as this dolphin plays catch with a child.”

LinkedIn users soon flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts about it.

Sandra Laborero was not happy about the video because she wanted the dolphin to be free in its natural habitat.

She wrote:

“I don’t like to see a poor fish trying to obey the silly orders of a coach to make everybody think he’s the friend of a human. As far as I can see, the dolphin is just becoming a living toy for a boy. Poor dolphin! High price he must pay to please his captors. The boy could play ball with a real human friend. And the dolphin could be happier being free and swimming in the ocean. This is as bad as a circus. I hate animals in the circus.”

Rachel Cooke had the same sentiment as Sandra.

In her words:

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“Let’s hope this child grows up to learn that to truly love these animals is to let them live in freedom in the wild. Training them to perform tricks in over crowded confined pools is shameful and selfish.

“I’d be interested to see how we’d react to being held in small spaces with total strangers and made to perform tricks for the amusement of aliens. Let’s hope any superior life form we might encounter shows us far more decency than we’ve extended to the animals we’ve encountered here on earth.”

Sean Harris said:

“Animals are just amazing. How do people brutally kill them.”

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In similar news, the saying that dogs are man’s best friends is well demonstrated in a new viral video showing a dog playing with a baby.

In the video, the kid laughed really hard as the dog tickled his hand. What really amazed many about the whole show was the way the dog and the kid took turns in playing with each other.

With the expression of joy on the baby’s face, one does not need to be told both of them are very close friends and that would not be the first time they would be having fun together.

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