Honey TV launches with pan African lifestyle series

Honey TV launches with pan African lifestyle series

By Gbenga Bada


A newly launched channel on the DStv platform, Honey TV has hit the ground running with new pan African lifestyle content.

Since its launch in February 2020, Honey TV has been showcasing exciting content from different parts of Africa.

The contents on Honey TV celebrates African personalities and cultures as well as enjoy various thrilling lifestyles, food, romance, fashion, beauty, and reality shows from across Africa.

Some of the contents include The Countdown Africa, Wawu, that’s my dress, The Buzz, Salon battle, Wedding Insiders, Pastors’ wives, Date my family, and The Next Big Trender.

The Countdown Africa sees opinionists delve into topics from different African countries’ perspectives in each episode. The opinionists give fun commentary on couple goals, African destinations, fashion, and more while ‘Wawu, That’s My Dress’ showcases the hotspot for a bride who is looking for the perfect dress for her wedding day. Wawu, that’s my dress is a show that follows all the activity at this Nigerian boutique.

The Buzz is a talk show in which a panel of five women from across the continent, share their opinions and anecdotes on everyday life issues. It is driven by an agony aunt-type letter outlining a viewer’s dilemma and ‘Salon Battle’ welcomes the audience to the ultimate beauty competition in which beauty salons will duke it out to show the continent what it takes for beauty technicians to pull off the perfect styles and looks.

Wedding Insider gets an inside look at the most glamourous, lavish, and over-the-top weddings on the continent. Showcasing three couples’ special and grand days narrated by a quirky voice-over.

Three teams treat one another to a meal in Hoot, Cook, Go. It’s a chance to show off exactly who they are with a plate of food but they only have an hour. The best meal, as judged by the teams, takes the prize.

Pastors’ Wives showcases the glamorous women holding it all together in their religious households. The series follows them and gets to see how lavishly they live, and we get to witness the dramatic situations they may find themselves in when the pastors’ wives get together.

The Next Big Trender is looking for Africa’s hottest influencer, to own the title of the next big trender. Six aspiring reality-TV stars from different countries go all out to win the opinionists over by introducing different facets of their lives in each of the 10 episodes.

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