How I Fell In Love & Married MERCY AIGBE

How I Fell In Love & Married MERCY AIGBE


The last few weeks haven’t been rosy for Mercy Aigbe. This is as a result of his new marriage to a popular movie marketer, Kazim Adeoti popularly called Adekaz.

A few weeks back, the popular actress revealed that Kazim Adeoti and herself are officially an item, on her Instagram page. And since then, lots and lots of people have accused her of snatching somebody else husband.

Adeoti is a businessman with an interest in the entertainment industry. It is a known fact that the man is married with children.

A few days back the newly married couple, for the first time spoke about their marriage, love life and they also addressed many misconceptions about their past and marriage. It’s an interesting revelation!

Mercy Aigbe in the interview reveals the pet name she gave his husband, read on. “I know you might have been hearing the name “D” owner. This is a pet name I came up with for my boo and I call myself “Aya D’ owner”. This is because of the way we connected, and the undiluted love, and joy he made me feel. I just felt he was my Adam and God made me out of him. Hence the pet name “D” owner”.

The actress further reveals more about her past marriage. “I don’t want to get emotional but I’ll try to keep it under control. Well you know before now, I had a bad marriage and I made up my mind that I was not going to be with anyone anymore and was going to focus on my career and everything. Then this good looking man came into my life. I felt the love, companionship. Anytime I’m with him, I don’t want to leave. It felt good and when he asked me to marry him, I was scared. He was a Muslim and I wanted to run. My last marriage scared me. I felt marriage wasn’t for me. I was focused on my kids and career which I did for about 3 to 5 years and then he came. And he brought so much happiness, joy and peace. And I’m not just saying that because he is here. I tell him all the time that he is a good man. So when he popped the question, I was like okay, I don’t want to lose him and the beautiful experience, the connection is divine. So I was like let me give this a try for the last time because I feel this would be my last bus stop. I could tell it from my guts that this Is forever. It’s a decision I’m glad I took” she said.

Mercy’s husband Mr Kazim Adeoti reveals what endeared Mercy to him, in what looks like an eye-opener to many people. “Mercy has always been a business partner and has always been very special”. He said further: “What got me attracted to her was the fact that she was very open and truthful to me. In fact, when I gave her some money to produce a movie, she returned some back to me which was something I never experienced even until today. No one has ever refunded the remaining money. I was impressed and felt I needed to keep up with it. When she experienced her previous marriage, it was out in the open, I was even advising her to just be calm, patient and don’t leave her marriage. But she said if she were to be my sister, would I encourage her to remain in an abusive marriage? So I had to step back and let her make her decision as an adult. I was in the United States at the time it happened and I decided to be focused because I didn’t like the kind of response she gave to me. She refused to produce movies and wanted to focus on her children, so I continued with other producers I had then. We used to chat once in a while. At a point, she said she was trying to get back into production. And the movie was 77 bullets. She produced and did everything by herself without collecting any money from me and I was wondering If she didn’t want to work with me anymore probably because of something I said but she said to me, I don’t want to sell to you, I want to start producing my contents, and then later she called me and said she wanted to sell the movie, so I asked to see the movie. I previewed it and I liked it. So we started the business again. In fact, she did another movie for another marketer in the name of Corporate Pictures. I thought I lost my relationship with her by sharing my own thoughts during her marriage. But I felt I didn’t do anything wrong at that time. So when she called me, I was a bit angry with her so I priced the movie very low and didn’t even care. She complained about it and I told her she didn’t have to sell to me. I told her to go and sell to Corporate Pictures. A month later, she came back and asked if I was still interested and if I could increase the price, I said no and she asked how I was going to pay, I said half now and half when I get to sell. She later agreed that night and sent me the necessary documents and I got the movie. I started promoting the movie and it did very well. Online, DVD, and other platforms. My conscience started pricking me because I knew I didn’t do much, but yet made so much more and I decided to do what the Muslims call Sadaka or Zakat, so I can have peace of mind. I called her and sent some money to her account and in the narration, I put a gift. She was surprised and was like wow and appreciated it”.

“Another thing that was very striking was normally, anytime a movie did well, some of those producers would come back to start asking for more money for Royalty. She was just happy that the movie did well. Even though the deal was not that favourable to her, she still promoted it well across all her platforms”. 

The husband continues on what made her so special, according to Mr Kazim, “She is very unique. She knew already that the movie was mine but she was promoting heavily. At the end of the day, we reconnected over dinner. I have always known her as a very truthful, reliable person. She is someone you can confide in and she’s very loyal, and I have always known that about her”, Mr Kazim stated.

He continues again. The lover boy opens up on how they met and got to know each other. “For like 10 years now. The first movie she did for me was in 2012 or thereabouts”.

Mr Kazim denied ever being Mr Lanre Gentry’s friend! “No! We were never friends. He is an older person to me. We have never connected before. Then she was invited to a party and a lot of other Nollywood celebrities were also present. She came with her spouse that day just like Ibrahim Chatta and a host of other celebrities came with their partners”.

He said he didn’t snatch Mercy from her husband”.

“There was nothing like snatching. Just like anyone can walk up to any celebrity in the mall and ask for a picture, that doesn’t make you friends with them. We were never friends”.

He said his family is based in the US and he reveals the only reason he comes to Nigeria.. “Well my family is in the US and I shuttle between US and Nigeria because my business is here in Nigeria and if people say we are separated, they were probably saying that because they are not here. Although they were issues everything is under control and back to normal so we are good. I’m a Muslim and my religion permits me to marry more than one wife. Now I have 2 beautiful wives”, he reveals. 

He reveals further, “I strongly believe we are doing well. Although it might not be at the pace we want but we are moving forward. As you know I’m the chairman of Ibakatv and people have to subscribe to watch movies. I remember so many years we have to request that VCD be sent to us from Nigeria to watch movies but now it’s not like that. And If you see the kind of content we produce, it is highly competitive and I believe we are doing well and it’s going to get better” he concludes.

Mercy Aigbe, also reveals her greatest fear in the industry. “The journey so far has not been very easy. When I started, it was not easy to be accepted in the industry because they didn’t believe in me and didn’t want to give me the opportunity to showcase my talents. I had to prove to them that I carry this talent and I want to share it with the world. That was one of the challenges I face then. Also, way back, there was no money in the industry, also then before industry, I was working in a financial institution and I had my daughter to take care of. So I had to leave my job to be in the industry so you can imagine how difficult it was to leave a job I was already earning money from to start something new that you don’t know what to expect. I started going for auditions, sometimes I get picked, and sometimes the director thinks you’re not good enough even though you passed the auditions and stages. One day a director said I don’t know you, and I said if you don’t give me the chance, How will you know me? People you know were given a chance by someone else. So most times, I got those kinds of challenges. But I kept going because I had this deep-rooted passion for the job.

Let me also mention that I am a professional to the core. I actually studied Creative and Theater Arts at the University of Lagos.

She further reveals that she’s not a poor person. “I’m not poor. I think I am one of the most misunderstood people. I work tirelessly and sometimes they sleep. But I think people don’t see my hardwork. I pay taxes, I even pay school fees in dollars. Yes, I change naira to dollars and I have been doing this before we started. I don’t know why people came up with the notion that I married him because of money. It’s not like he is poor or something but I can say I’m rich and to God be the glory I am very comfortable.

No, I didn’t marry him because of his money but because I love him and he is my best friend. He gives me peace and happiness. I work for him and also build his brand so I don’t know where people came up with that notion really. We complement each other and I also bring value to the table. Soma lot said after chopping my ex’s money, I saw this one online and moved to him. They believe I am a gold digger but no I’m not. I get paid huge sums of money to be an influencer and an ambassador for brands. I know a lot of people that are not even celebrities that make millions. Not to talk of me that have over 10 million followers. I am known a lot in the industry. I do business for like 7 years and is thriving. I remember being one of the first influencers to make lots of money from influencing before it became a popular thing. I remember Laura and I made a lot of money”, she concluded.


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