How late Sikiru Barrister’s son escaped death in Ghana

How late Sikiru Barrister’s son escaped death in Ghana

By Olaitan Ganiu


The tragic death of Babatunde Michael Abiodun aka Kashy has left a bitter taste in the mouth of Oluwakayode ‘Barry Jhay’ Balogun, one of the sons of late Fuji music icon, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

Since the demise of the CEO of Cash Nation on March 7 in Ghana, there are speculations around the circumstances of his death.

There were unconfirmed reports that the deceased fell from the balcony of a building in Ghana while other reports alleged that Kashy committed suicide and other reports fingered Barry Jhay in his death.

Hours before Kashy’s death, a clip of Barry Jhay with an injured face went viral on social media. The singer, known for his single, ‘Aiye,’ was seen bleeding on the lips and ranting. “See the way this guy beat me. I no do anything; I dey record. Na him this guy beat me like this,” Barry Jhay was seen saying in the video.

Following investigations by the Ghanaian Police confirmed that Kashy committed suicide.

A statement issued by the Office of the District Commander, Ghana Police Service, Adabraka-Accra, absolved Barry Jhay of all allegations.

“It was established during investigation that on 7th March 2021, the deceased ― Babatunde Michael Abiodun ― a Nigerian, together with two Nigerians, Oluwakayode, a male, and a female friend, came to Beauford Ridge Apartment at Adabraka and checked in for three-bedroom apartment to lodge.

“That is the mid-night of the same day, the deceased’s male friend, Oluwakayode Balogun, and one Ghanaian music producer were in one of the rented rooms doing recording and editing when the deceased girlfriend, who was in one of the bedrooms with the deceased, suddenly rushed into the recording room and reported that the deceased was behaving abnormally.

“On receipt of the report, the deceased’s friend, Oluwakayode Balogun, came out to see what was happening. He met the deceased and then approached him to ascertain what the matter was. To his surprise, the deceased became more violent and attacked him instead, which resulted in a scuffle between the deceased and his friend, the suspect, Oluwakayode Balogun; and in the process, the deceased hurt him with a water closet cover and pressing iron and also pulled a knife and threatened to stab him to death.


“The suspect, for fear of his life, ran away to the reception. Further investigation also revealed that after the suspect had succeeded in escaping, he spent 15 minutes outside of the apartment before the deceased threw himself over the corridor from the fourth floor to the down floor and died instantly.

“This assertion was corroborated and confirmed by an eyewitness who occupies another apartment next to the deceased who could not bear the level of disturbances and came out to meet the deceased who kept on disturbing.

“The witness pleaded with the deceased to minimise his disturbance but he ignored him and continued misbehaving abnormally. The witness decided to leave him alone to his fate, moved a short distance away from him, and was monitoring the behaviour of the deceased for about 30 minutes until he finally raised himself over the corridor from the fourth floor of the building, fell on the floor in a prostate position and died instantly,” the statement read.

The Ghana Police also revealed a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage installed at the reception covered the movement of the suspect and the deceased during and after the event and was played before counsels from both the deceased and suspect’s lawyers.

The police also noted that the two parties were satisfied with the footage of the incident, as there were no questions raised concerning the CCTV coverage leading to the death of the deceased.

It added that on March 10, a post-mortem examination was performed on the body of the deceased by a pathologist of the Police hospital ― Dr. O. Owusu Afriyie. He gave the provisional cause of death as “severe head injury; fall from a height”.

The artiste’s lawyer, Tope Salami confirmed that the deceased and his signee were best of friends.

“It is also noteworthy to state that the deceased and Mr. Balogun were close friends, who had a relationship akin to that of brothers,” he said.

“It is without any form of doubt that we are conscious of the fact that Mr. Olwakayode Balogun ‘Barry Jhay’ is not culpable of the unfounded allegations made on various social media platforms against his person.”

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