I abandoned music because I was broke

I abandoned music because I was broke

By Sam Anokam


Three years ago I was broke, depressed, and pissed off with my existence. I stood in front of my mirror one day and broke down crying, I felt I was living a lie, female rapper, Eva Alordiah recently divulged.

In a no-holds-barred session, Alordiah shared her story while struggling to make it in the Nigerian music industry.

“I no longer knew who I was and I was going through one of the most painful ego deaths I had ever experienced. I remember yelling at God saying – “what the f…! what the f…do you want me to do. Show yourself dammeeeet!

“Through many days of journaling and communing with myself, I began to learn about identity and the Ego. And how I had become identified with what I did. It was tough for me to be anything else but that and that pissed me off even more. I wanted to be done with it. I needed to prove to myself that I could earn a living without fame,” Alordiah revealed.


The 32-year-old entertainer also narrated how 2020 changed her focus and redirected her steps on how to create wealth for herself.

She said, “In 2020 I focused on learning how to earn money online. I became an active content creator, started a new IG page, and shared my knowledge freely. Within nine months, I had earned almost N17m on IG without stress. In the middle of that win, one mosquito asked me to come to perform at a show for N100,000. You’ll never know the joy I felt when I said “No, thank you” and hung up the phone without remorse. Today, I am learning how to rap again, how to listen to music, how to enjoy it without pressure.”

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