“I Found Out My Marriage Ended on YouTube”: Stella Damasus Speaks, Says She’s Now Friends With Doris Simeon

Jul 31, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • Popular Nigerian actress Stella Damasus has now spoken on her failed third marriage with filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan
  • During a recent interview, Stella revealed that she found out her marriage had ended on YouTube
  • She also added that she and Daniel’s first wife, Doris Simeon, are now friends, this caused an online buzz

Popular Nigerian actress, Stella Damasus, is now making headlines after she opened up on her failed third marriage with actor and filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan.

During a recent interview with comedian Teju Babyface, Stella spoke on her ex-husband as well as his first wife and fellow actress, Doris Simeon.

Stella Damasus says she found out her marriage to Daniel Ademinokan had ended on YouTube.
Nigerians react as Stella Damasus reveals she discovered marriage to Daniel Ademinokan ended on YouTube.
Photos: @stelladamasus, @dabishop007, @doris_simeon
Source: Instagram

Doris Simeon and I are friends – Stella Damasus

During the interview, Stella revealed that despite what a lot of people thought, she was actually friends with her ex-husband’s first wife, Doris Simeon.

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Recall that Stella had been constantly bashed online and accused of breaking Daniel Ademinokan and Doris Simeon’s marriage.

Stella spoke on how she and Doris are not enemies and she did not see the need to gloat about their friendship on social media because people had been bashing her.

According to Stella, she and Doris had already started talking and being friends even before the whole social media drama started.

In her words:

“We are not (enemies). There’s a way you’d present something and people will think you’re just trying to defend yourself and make yourself look good, I’m a private person, I do my videos, talk about random things, but my private life, I’m really private. We’re not enemies, we actually talk but I don’t come out to say ‘ehnehn those that are fighting me that I did this to her, we are talking now o, we are friends’ because that’s the expectation, we would even start posting ourselves like ‘oh darling, oh baby’ and I’m not that kind of person because I value privacy.”

Stella explained that they both had a common denominator which was Doris’ son with Daniel and they both had to come together in a way that would benefit the child without causing animosity.

She said:

“We are good, we are friends, we have been talking even before people ever thought that… like when all of this, the media wahala was going on, we had already started talking because we had a common denominator, her child.

He was with me and he was her child so we had to come together and find the best way for his interest. It wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about her or the man, it was about the child. That was everybody’s interest, that was the one connecting everyone. We couldn’t avoid that so we were not enemies, not in the least.”

Stella Damasus however also admitted that when Daniel first left Doris to be with her, they were not friends at the time. She also shed more light on the kind of friendship she had with Doris.

According to her, it wasn’t as if she and Doris used to go shopping together or on lunch dates but they used to talk over the phone and it was mostly about her son and never about Ademinokan. However, Stella admitted that when her marriage with Ademinokan ended, she and Doris did share notes on the kind of man he was.

She said:

“So we would talk, especially about the boy, never about man. It was always about the child, what’s best for him, what’s going on with school, oh he’s coming to you or he’s coming to me, oh what do we do for him, he needs this, he needs that, how do we do it, just to make sure he was okay. That’s how it all started, just to make sure there was peace, everybody was fine for his sake. Because you don’t want to start pulling him and making him have animosity towards any party involved. But after the whole thing ended and he became my ex, we did share notes.”

I found out my marriage to Daniel Ademinokan had ended on YouTube – Stella Damasus

While speaking with Teju Babyface, Stella Damasus revealed that she had no idea her marriage had ended until she saw it on YouTube.

According to the mum of two, Ademinokan had travelled for a long trip that he was meant to return from. However, only a few days after he travelled, she started to get messages and phone calls from people asking her about the state of their marriage.

Stella said she then went on YouTube and that before she could finish typing her name, she started to see things. The actress revealed she put a call through to her husband and even at the time did not realise what was going on until he finally revealed to her that he was not coming back.

She said:

“A lot of things were said about me on YouTube because that’s how I found out that my marriage had ended, on YouTube. Well the man in question travelled and was supposed to be away for a while and was supposed to come back, and a few days after the man travelled, my phone was buzzing, I received messages from people saying ‘what’s going on, are you okay?, why didn’t you tell me that there was something wrong? Bla bla bla’ then I was like what are all these links they are sending me and I’m there typing my name on YouTube. Before I’m done typing my name, videos just start coming up, ‘Stella’s 3rd marriage crashes, karma’s a bi!tch,…’ I’m like ‘wait what? I didn’t know that’ and I called, we had a conversation, even at that time I still didn’t know that anything like that had happened until I got the final call to say ‘no I’m not coming back’.”

See the video below:

Netizens react as Stella Damasus speaks on her crashed marriage with Daniel Ademinokan, friendship with Doris Simeon

It did not take long for the Stella Damasus interview to make the rounds online and it drew a series of reactions from netizens. Some of them called it karma while others shared their different opinions.

Read some of the comments below:


“A man left his wife because of you and you think he won’t leave you too???? He would prepare your breakfast in the presence of friends and family.”


“I remember I commented on her page about her relationship with that man. A man left his wife for you and you also wanted to take her only son to live with. She blocked me lol. Ladies I don’t care if you like someone if they are married, leave them alone. I know they will say they are not happy and all sort of things but leave them alone to fingers out their marriage coz it will not end well for you.”


“Karma; Dem thief am like you thief am from the first wife.”


“Marriages end simple. Stop this narrative that she stole someone’s man as if he’s meat to be stolen. Even a spouse that was not stolen gan, the 1 that will end will end.”


“Nobody is checking if the man that keeps jumping from one woman to another has any psychological issues. We are looking for who to blame for the actions a matured man took. Blaming everyone else except the man. Wetin I sabi sef.”


“Stella you meant a very peace loving woman, so peaceful that the only thing she did to you after you ruined her home was cry out on social media that you’re trying to adopt her son and take him to the US without her permission, in fact that Doris so loved peace that she left her booming career and relocated to the US opened a business just to be next to her son, that’s why you’re here talking trash. Try it with any woman with your kind of heart and know what people mean by you don jam, shameless woman.”


“What’s that saying again? You lose them how you get them! This man literally left his wife without her knowledge and relocated with you! It’s the irony of her finding out her divorce the same way Doris did for me.”


“You can’t build your joy on someone else’s pain and expect it to last forever. A man who left his wife because of you, would leave you too. This is karma playing out, karma knows all addresses. Be careful how to treat people.”


“A man that left his wife and kids for u will never stay with u. You’re just reaping the consequences of ur action of snatching someone’s husband.”


“But why didn’t the man tell her it was over?”

Fans struggle to differentiate between Stella Damasus and lookalike daughter

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, made the news over a video she posted online of herself with her lookalike daughter.

The veteran movie star had taken to her Instagram page to share a clip of herself and her adult child.

In the video, both mother and daughter were rocking matching outfits which consisted of a black pair of trousers, black tops, black boots and black sunshades.

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