I miss my old body, says actress Uche Ogbodo| The Nation

I miss my old body, says actress Uche Ogbodo| The Nation

By Ekaete Bassey

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has expressed worries over her postpartum body and the ability of a possible snap back after having two children.

The actress, who recently welcomed her second baby, made this known in a post shared on her Instagram page, soliciting possible advice from her fans and colleagues who are also mothers.

Sharing a throwback photo of herself, the Enugu-born actress expressed how much she misses her old body, adding she feels quite uncertain if she would ever snap back to her old shape.

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According to the mother of two, many women are going through the same confusion on how to manage their bodies.

She, however, advised that with hard work and dedication, they can get through the phase and back to their beautiful before-pregnancy bodies.

The new mom wrote: “I won’t even lie, sometimes I miss my old body. I’m so scared, I don’t even know how fast I will be able to snap that to this shape but I am hoping to work really hard on it again if my body Allows me.

“I know many women are going through confusion right now on how to manage their bodies but trust me you can do it, with just hard work n dedication you can.

“Pls moms tell me at the comment section what you are doing to snap back after your babies, I will be needing tips ooo.”

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