“If I am President” hits cinemas

“If I am President” hits cinemas

By Juliet Ebirim

The much-anticipated, star-studded political thriller “Íf I am President” hit the cinemas on Friday. The movie, a production of High Definition Film Studio, features top Nollywood stars Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Ayo Ayoola, Rahama Sadau, Ivie Okujaye, Bryan Okwara, Rakiya Atta among others.

Joke Jacobs

“If I Am President” tells the story of 37-year old Zinachi Ohams, the presidential candidate of the Nigerian Rebirth Party, a new party made up of young idealists who recently made a shift from social activism to full-time politics. The group make a push into the stormy, murky and rough political terrain, armed with little more than their ideals. With the 2019 general elections in view, the movie captures the present political terrain.

Speaking at the premiere last Saturday at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lagos, the producer Bright Wonder Obasi said: “The movie aims to inspire patriotism, stimulate public consciousness around corruption and the effect of bad governance on the populace. It uses entertainment to galvanize citizens’ action against corruption in Nigeria,” Obasi said.

‘If I am President’ sees Ayoola playing the lead role of a young presidential aspirant. “We’ve seen the challenges, the power and the struggle called god-fatherism in this country. We’re definitely hopeful that this will spark off a revolution in the minds of young people. At the end of the day, the future of this country lies in our hands and in the hands of those yet unborn and the only way to guarantee a desirable future for our children would be to get involved and effect a change.” Ayoola said.

After its successful premieres in Nigeria, the movie is also scheduled for a premiere in the UK, US, Canada, and South Africa for Nigerians in diaspora. It will also be screened in most NYSC Orientation camps and universities across the six geopolitical zones in the country ahead of the 2019 polls.

“If I Am President” has translations in three Nigeria languages; Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo, a new feat to the production of movies in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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