I’m only attracted to hardworking men — Funsho Zarumi

I’m only attracted to hardworking men — Funsho Zarumi

By Ayo Onikoyi

Budding Yoruba actress and model, Funsho Zarumi aka Iya Iya Ereko from Kwara State has a combination of beauty and talent going for her in the industry which she has displayed in some movies. She’s one of the generation of glamour girls who are redefining the landscape with glamour, attitude and extraordinary skills.

Funsho Zarumi has featured in Rukayat by Mama Ereko, Damilola Dagogo by Mimiano, Enimi by Mama Ereko, Jaiye Ola Ni Monje By Jaiye Kuti, Yeye Oge Akanke by Mimiano, Awolu Goes To Skool by Kunle Afod, Curb It by Late Gbenga Ajumoko (AJU), Ale Ojo Kan by Mama Ereko and a lot more. In this interview she opens up to Potpourri on her acting, private life and more.

Acting as a career

I can’t figure out why I chose acting really, all I can say is, I’ve loved acting since I was a child, like when we watched movies back then, I imagined myself on the screen. I even joined my primary school cultural group and proceeded in my high school too before I officially joined the Yoruba movie industry in 2008.

Unforgettable memories as an actress

Well, I get sidelined a lot, if it’s not because I’m too thin, it is that my face doesn’t just fit and all sorts of excuses. I could remember a particular one when I lost my mum a week before we started the production . I was supposed to be the lead actress, to my surprise, they didn’t even ask me if I’d be able to continue with the shooting, they just gave the role to another person – all because I lost my mother a week before.

Fantasies while growing in the industry?

The fantasies I harboured while growing in the industry are many but would mention few. I always had this big dream of becoming a well known actress , where everybody would learn from me and learn from each role I play, seeing me as a role model.

Women flaunting their sexuality

Well for me, women flaunting their sexuality on social media is a thing of choice. Second, not all women that flaunt their sexuality mean harm, some are models while some are brand ambassadors, so it’s how the world sees it.

Attraction to opposite sex

What attracts me to the opposite sex is how hard working you are. If you are hardworking and your job is legal I would be automatically attracted to you. I love hard working men, men that go any length to make their woman smile ( I mean legally).

Making the first move

I have never made the first move to any man in my life. Men make the first move to me. Every hardworking man is always attracted to a hard working lady.

Love or money

Love goes for me because I believe when there is love money comes into play. Two people in love can make the best moments on earth and money will just be flowing in because they would share in love, They would share awesome ideas that would make plenty of money and my slogan is, “to love and to be loved.”

Quitting a relationship

When a relationship starts to claim my peace I will quit, I don’t accommodate anything that claims my peace of mind.


Beauty is the definition of who you are, the way you look is how you will be approached and sexiness gives my soul joy because I am what I take in. I am always cautious of what I take in. I love to remain sexy, so sexiness to me is happiness.

Industry turn-off

I hate the fact that money rules everything in the industry. Even if you don’t have the skills or talent, once you have money or some connections, you get the roles. That’s the annoying status quo that rules the industry and it really pisses me off.

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