“It Was a Painful Decision”: Man Starts Life Afresh Abroad after Ex-Wife Refused Him Access to Kids

Dec 22, 2023 | Entertainment, News


  • A man has shared his challenging journey of navigating a custody battle, false allegations, and eventual vindication
  • Owing to the hardships he encountered, he chose to let go of his ex-wife and start afresh in a new land
  • However, he remained hopeful for a future reunion with his children whom he loves dearly but has chosen to stay away from

A Nigerian man has opened up about his custody battle with his ex-wife which took a distressing turn during a visitation with his children.

According to the man identified as @TheOdin_II on X, the situation escalated, involving the police and resulting in his remand.

Man starts life afresh abroad after painful custody battle with ex-wife
Man shares painful custody battle with his ex-wife
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Man shares his challenging custody battle with ex-wife

After eight months of navigating criminal allegations while the divorce proceedings were ongoing, he was finally vindicated, regaining his freedom.

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To move forward, he made the painful decision to let go of his ex-wife, recognising that she was using their children as pawns.

Despite missing his kids, he has been unable to reconnect with them and has chosen not to talk to them.

Determined to rebuild his life, he initiated plans to relocate to a new country, beginning the process in July and securing a visa by September.

Now settled in this new land, the man is starting afresh and finding happiness in his new chapter. He has decided to get married again and looks forward to expanding his family with more children.

In his words;

“I share custody of two kids with my ex-wife. Unfortunately, she set me up during a visit to see the kids (confirmed by a judge at the magistrate court), leading to unnecessary restrictions.

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“The situation escalated, involving the police, and I was remanded, later attending court on bail. After 8 months of navigating criminal allegations while the divorce was ongoing at the high court, I was finally vindicated, gaining my freedom.

“To move forward, I decided to let go of my ex-wife, who was using the kids as pawns. It was a painful decision, but I believed it was best for the children. Three months after the case, I initiated my plans to japa.

“The process started in July, and by September, I had secured a visa. Now in the new land, I am starting afresh. Do I miss my kids? Yes. Do I talk with them? No. Have I tried to reconnect? Yes. What now? Life is beautiful, and I’m happy to begin anew. I am getting married again & looking forward to having more kids.

“Despite the challenges, I remain hopeful that someday, I will reconnect with my children and provide them with the best as their father. There are some things of life one just doesn’t need to bother themselves about, particularly those things that may sap your energy and yank your freedom off you. Life is not as difficult as it may seem.”

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Reactions as man shares his experience with ex-wife

@delure reacted:

“It’s mysterious how 2 people who once loved and meant the world to themselves turn to go the hardest against each other. It’s a mystery. Please stand strong and remain positive. Sending you my prayers.”

@DrCrypto reacted:

“Congratulations. It’s not easy as a man to navigate this stormy journey and remain sane. God will bless you with na y kids. Sometimes Christmas buy present and send some one to hand it over to ur kids direct. They will come back to you one day.”

@Rapi commented:

“Good to know you found your feet. Odiro kwa easy letting go the children you have given your all to. This divorce thing is well tilted against men. May God help us.”

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