It’s hard to find my bra size – Dorathy

It’s hard to find my bra size – Dorathy

By Sampson Unamka

Big Brother Naija’s Dorathy Bachor has finally confessed that getting a brassiere of her size is challenging.

The 24-year-old made this known in a recent Instagram live session while responding to questions after the launch of her lingerie company, My Full Chest (MFC).

Dorathy said, “It is hard to find my bra size, so I mean it is a struggle to find my size and I know how hard it is when I finally find one that is my size, I know how much I have to pay for it if I am going to buy I buy like two pairs and then that’s it so I am doing this from that point of view, I understand what it is so yeah it is more like giving the people what they want and still running a business.”

Continuing she said “it is affordable because it is a set and it is below 20 thousand Naira, we did not allocate like a particular pant to a bra we have different size of the items. I know that a lot of people struggle with what their sizes are so I had to do a tutorial video where you can take your measurements and be sure of your exact size so you don’t have issues replacing an order and all of that”, she said.

If she has always been confident in her skin, she said “I have always been that person that never had a problem with my skin or my body or anything but coming on the big brother show I think that boosted it like coming out of the house and seeing the reaction from people I didn’t expect that turnout because, in reality, we know these things but then again we know people saying ‘oh! you made me do this’, ‘I can come out now because you did it I want to do it’ so people see themselves through me now and that like boosted my courage more”, said Dorathy.

Dorathy who featured in Mr. Macaroni’s latest skit also spoke on her plans to go into acting. “It is something I am open too and for the skit, I grew up watching Patience Ozokwor ‘Mama G’ as we call her and I love her so much, so when Macaroni said I wanted you to do this with this person I didn’t think twice because acting or playing more of a role alongside somebody growing up was something I looked forward to and maybe is something definitely am open too.”

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