IYABO OJO’s Mum’s Last Interview With City People

IYABO OJO’s Mum’s Last Interview With City People


It’s indeed a sad period for star actress Iyabo Ojo as she lost her mother Mrs Victoria Olubunmi Fetuga last Saturday 21st November 2020. The beautiful mother of 2 took to her IG page to announce the sad news. According to her just few days ago, she was discussing how she wished and prayed that her mum will live to see the children, all her grandchildren grown and doing well but her mother said her greatest joy on earth is that she is happy and also that she will always be with them in spirit all the time, not knowing that she will actually be leaving them so soon. The very lively and energetic woman died in her sleep at the early hours of Saturday morning. She rushed her to hospital hoping for a miracle, but she was declared dead on getting to the hospital.

Mama before her death shared a very close relationship with her daughter Iyabo. And was even living with her. The star actress always celebrates her on social media and she often describes her as her a Prayer Warrior. Before Iyabo’s house warming party which took place few months ago, they had a photoshoot which was organized by celebrity designer Toyin Lawani and the pictures were all over the internet and during the house warming celebration mama was very visible. She couldn’t hold back her joy as she even granted an interview with City People’s Senior Showbiz Reporter, BIODUN ALAO on how she feels on a special day and how Iyabo Ojo was able to fulfill her greatest desire in life. Below are excerpts from the interview.

How do you feel today ma?

I can’t really express how exactly I feel about today. First and foremost, I am
grateful to God Almighty for making me see this great day. Also it is indeed a
great thing of joy to see one of my children become a landlady. I am happy and
fulfilled and seeing many people come and celebrate with us is also a thing of
joy for me.

also want to use this opportunity to thank God for all He has been doing in the
lives of all my children and my grandchildren as well. God has blessed me with
a daughter that has always been there for me through thin and thick, I pray
Almighty God will continue to bless, protect and guide her in everything and
she will live to see her children’s children by the special grace of God. Amen.

Do you have any special message for her today?

(Laughs!!!) I do, I always have a special message for her every day of my life. I just want to use this opportunity to tell her to keep doing what she is doing because she is a good mother, a good daughter and a good woman. I don’t want her to change, I want her to remain the wonderful woman that she is.

truth of the matter is that Iyabo doesn’t just care for her family alone but
has touched a lot of lives positively. She cares for everybody and when I see
her doing that, I am always happy because that is what the Lord wants, when God
has blessed you, it is important to touch people’s lives positively too, so, I
want her to remain like that.

Mummy, let’s take you back to when she told you she wanted to start acting, were you in support of her career?

of course, I was totally in support because when I was younger and I was in
school, I remember my proprietress used to tell me, oh Victoria, you are going
to become an actress, because of my engagement in the social activities in the
school back then. Some will act, some will play music, but then I focused more
in music than acting and my proprietress would always say acting is my thing.
See today, I never believed my daughter would be so famous in acting.

Would it be right to say that you ended up fulfilling your desire through your daughter?

because I ended up loving it so much but couldn’t do it then because I had to
concentrate on something on else but God has blessed me with a daughter that
eventually fulfilled that.

So, how fulfilled are you today ma?

I am indeed grateful and fulfilled in life, my daughter is blessed, she acts,
produces and also directs too. What else can I ask for, I am happy when my
children are happy, she is doing what she loves and I am indeed happy for her
and that is why I always support her to follow her dreams.

Besides all these, she is also a successful businesswoman, please what else will I be asking for?

Ma, as you know being famous comes with a lot of prices, some negative, have you ever felt bad with any negative story and conclude she should stop acting?

Not at all, my daughter is blessed with beauty and brain, and I am always very proud of the way she handles a lot of issues, so that has never been an issue. Moreover, it is expected to hear people say or write negative things about famous people, it can’t be all positive all the time, that is life for you, everything can’t be all rosy all the time, you need to experience negative things, sometimes, so you can appreciate God.

How do you feel when you see her on the screen most times?

I used to be choosy while watching movies. I will start selecting if it is Yoruba, or Igbo or English movies, I will say oh, it is this one I want, I don’t want to watch that one, but these days, I watch anyone, more especially when they feature my daughter. I will stay glued to the screen, it gives me so much joy to watch her on the screen.

What part of the country are you from?

father is from Ijebu-Ode while my mother is from Benin.

What was your growing up like ma?

Growing up was wonderful. My father was a Lawyer till he died, then my mother was an Educationist. She retired to become a successful businesswoman before she died.

How does it make you feel that your daughter is not just a celebrity but also your grandchildren?

I am really happy and fulfilled. I am very proud of them, naturally, I am a
very shy person and I like to keep to myself, maybe that was one of the reasons
I couldn’t really do the acting and music thing back then and that explains why
I always give them all the supports they need to follow their dreams. At least
they are fulfilling my greatest desire in life and they are also the ones
bringing me out today, so I am very happy.

How do you feel this morning, knowing today is going to be a special day?

Honestly, I couldn’t sleep last night, I was really anticipating what will happen today and I am really grateful to God Almighty, I just kept watching television all through at night, waiting to see daybreak and see how things will unfold. I will never forget what God has done for me.

Is there anything you are doing to maintain your body because, at your age, you still look very beautiful and active?

is nothing. I just thank God for the kind of gene he has blessed me with, I
don’t do anything stressful at all.

How old are you now ma?

I will be 67 years this year.


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