Jerzeyson’s ‘Callin’ gets deserving boost with new visuals

Jerzeyson’s ‘Callin’ gets deserving boost with new visuals

By Sampson Unamka

American based Nigerian singer, Jerzeyson has given more range to his debut single, Callin’ with the release of a sultry and groovy video.

The video, which premiered on MTV base Africa from spanking new to top 100 in less than two weeks, was directed by Will Fairbanks.

According to Jerzeyson whose real name is Uche Christain, the song Callin’ was inspired by a compilation of romantic struggles and stories of experiences of himself and his friends.

Recounting his musical journey, the Nigerian-born who later relocated to the United States of America during his teenage years said: “I first got into music around the age of 10 after an initial interest in poetry.

“I love music because it’s my way to connect and speak with the world. I can be connecting with people across continents all with a song”.

The versatile act, who describes his genre as Afro-Fusion however, shared his music plans and what message he hopes to pass with his sound.

“I hope my music is a consistent reminder to listeners that there is beauty in life, and to have hope.

“Everyone should have that one song or that one playlist they can turn on when they’re down to remind them there are brighter days ahead. I aim to make that kind of music.

“I hope that my art will speak for itself. I’m focusing on making great music, while simultaneously continuing to evolve, to learn, and to be a voice for the people,” he said.

Speaking further on his forthcoming project, he said: “I currently have a few collaborations set for release, and Native Son 2 (EP) is currently planned to be released in April.”

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