Joanna Lumley and Chris Packham among celebs backing appeal to save Ethiopian forest | Ents & Arts News

Joanna Lumley and Chris Packham among celebs backing appeal to save Ethiopian forest | Ents & Arts News

Joanna Lumley, Chris Packham and Zoe Wanamaker are among the celebrities backing a campaign to save a forest in Ethiopia that is home to trees that produce frankincense.

The Future Forest Appeal from charity Tree Aid will provide local communities in Metema, Ethiopia, with tools and training in an effort to restore almost 10,000 hectares of forest, according to the charity.

It is part of Tree Aid’s Great Green Wall campaign in Africa’s Sahel region to restore 8,000km (5,000 miles) of land.

The Metema forest is significant due to its make up of Boswellia trees, which produce frankincense – a tree resin that’s used in essential oils.

The Future Forest campaign will work with more than 2,500 homes to increase their income from sustainable frankincense production by 25%, while protecting and restoring 9,563 hectares (23,630 acres) of forest.

BBC Springwatch presenter Packham said: “People in the Sahel are living with the devastating effects of our global climate crisis.

“Temperatures are rising, land is becoming infertile and the desert is spreading south, like a wave in slow-motion.

“The Great Green Wall is one of the most inspiring restoration movements of our time, and Tree Aid is making a long-lasting contribution.

“I urge people to support the Future Forest appeal to back this inspiring African solution to the climate crisis.”

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The project will including the planting and regenerating of trees and soil and water conservation.

Tree Aid says it has been preventing further spread of the Sahara desert in an effort to secure a sustainable future in the region, which has been drastically impacted by climate change, by providing food security and jobs.

Tree Aid patron Lumley said: “I have been supporting Tree Aid for almost 30 years because it provides such an effective, practical solution to tackling poverty and the climate crisis.”

The actress added: “I urge people to please give what they can to the Future Forest appeal, knowing their gift will be doubled by the government. Together, we can fight the effects of the climate crisis to secure a greener, more sustainable future for millions of people.”

Harry Potter actress Zoe Wanamaker said: “I have been supporting Tree Aid for over two decades because they don’t just plant trees and walk away – they work in partnership with communities to find long-term solutions that tackle both poverty and the climate crisis.

“I encourage people to support the Future Forest appeal if they can, knowing they can have double the impact as their gift will be matched by the government.”

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