Joy as Nigerian Lawyer Finally Locates Family of Abandoned 30-Year-Old House in Kaduna, Photos Emerge Online

Aug 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • The original owner of a house in Kaduna state that has been abandoned for the past 30 years has been found
  • A Nigerian lawyer, took it upon himself to make his findings and launch a search after seeing how different people took advantage of the vacuum of ownership
  • He shared photos of the original owner at the house and gave an update on who would be managing the property going forward

A Nigerian lawyer, Abdulmalik A Othman, has been hailed on social media for engineering the location of the original owners of a property that has been abandoned for three decades in Kaduna state.

It all started after the lawyer, who runs the law firm Limelight Attorneys, noticed the abandoned property in his neighbourhood and took it upon himself to find its real owners.

Abdulmalik A Othman, lawyer, Kaduna
Abdulmalik had launched a social media search for the house’s owner.
Photo Credit: Abdulmalik A Othman
Source: Facebook

To achieve this, he launched a campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with old pictures of the original owners of the property.

His effort, paid off as he established contact with the family and they consequently visited their abandoned house.

The property was abandoned due to religious crisis

In a subsequent post on Facebook, Abdulmalik revealed that the family first left the house in 1994 due to a religious crisis. They would return later and still moved out around 2005 due to the same reason.

Continuing, he explained:

“After moving out, they handed over the Property in trust to someone who is a family friend and never looked back because they are mostly outside the state/country. This family friend after staying for several years brought in another person when leaving without informing them and that one too brought another person And the cycle continued till the current person(s) in the house.”

The four-bedroom bungalow with a boys’ quarter has now been handed to his law firm to manage. Confirming this, Abdulmalik wrote:

“…At the end, all issues were forgiven & forgotten and going forward, my law firm Limelight Attorneys LLPhas been appointed to manage the whole property and will also handle all issues flowing therefrom.”

When asked Abdulmalik about the appointment, the young man said he never saw it coming. He shared photos from the recent visit of the original owner of the property.

Netizens commend lawyer Abdulmalik A Othman

Abdulgaffar Jaffy Suleiman said:

“9ce job..its not just about having money and properties…its about proper documenting and handling it over to those that can handle/manage it in ur presence/absence..u av done a very good job bro.”

Garba Musa Ahmad said:

“The Law! May Allah lighten your mind/heart the more so such cases could be tackled lawfully with wisdom.”

Chioma Umezinwa Onuoha said:

“Thank you sir , you did a great job..I believe such cases will be applicable to Jos, because of crisis as well…thank God for life…”

Olatoun Sofela Adebowale said:

“Wow wow wow see as I Dey smile like say ma me get house . For real this kind of issues has been happening and some even go diabolical so the owner can forget their property in his or her care . Thank God the father is alive to witness this moment. Well done to everyone who made this possible .”

Idris Muhammad Ngene said:

“Issues like this tend to happen alot. In Abuja for example, you see some living in free house becos the owner passed away and the family doesnt know property exist and they keep transferring from one person to another. I know someone who has lived in a free house for years and as she lefr. She handed to another because owner of house never come since.”

Nigerian family abandons fine property in the US

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian family had abandoned their property in the US after going broke.

Urbex Ventures shared a video showcasing the mindboggling interior of the mansion with a background story to it.

According to Urbex, late American country music singer Kenny Rogers formerly owned the mansion until it was acquired by a wealthy Nigerian family in 2006.

However, the Nigerian family’s fortune nosedived, and they had to abandon the mansion after going bankrupt. Urbex added that the family returned to Nigeria.


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