KIKELOMO ATANDA-OWO : Life taught me to trust people but with caution

KIKELOMO ATANDA-OWO : Life taught me to trust people but with caution

Kikelomo Atanda-Owo is a management Consultant, and On-Air-Personality. After working behind the scenes for over a decade, she is making a rebound with her TV show, RealTalkWithKike on Silverbird Television.

In this interview with Olaitan Ganiu, she speaks about her transition from radio presenter to TV host, gender equality activist as well as other life experiences.

As a woman of style, what defines your fashion?

Comfort. Fashion for me is to be comfortable and pleasurable. Fashion does not necessarily mean forgoing these attributes because of trend or vogue.

Loose fitting.  Perhaps me trying to hide my small tummy (lol) after three beautiful children.

Black dress, my bifocal lenses to complement my eyesight., pumps and sneakers really does it for me depending on the occasion. I don’t believe in heels all the time. I like to feel light and bounce around sometimes. I don’t do baggy jeans.

Gold jewellery, this is a must-have for me and since my childhood, my grandma has always lavished gold ornaments on me. I grew up having gold as most of my jewellery. They come in handy for two purposes.

Fashion- they speak fashion for especially when it is best used to complement outfits and accessorize black dresses.

Secondly; Investment- they are an investment that comes in handy when I desperately need funds and am low in cash or perhaps my accountant in my office is keeping me in check of my outflows or spending then I replenish them back to save funds. I mean I sell them.

Gender equality is a hot topic, what are your thoughts about it?

The world at large is male-dominated and favours male more (I stand to be corrected).

The challenge today is that people are not paying attention to the male child. The attention is on the female (girl) child because of the negative attachments in terms of abuse in the female child. However, the society seems to forget that the male child that is thought to be independent is abandoned and the less training given to him causes the backlog and backlash of inappropriate treatment and misdemeanour the women face from men in marriages,  office environment or in the society at large.  Also, the fault is cornered on the female and the society is quick to castigate her on the doings and misdoings of the male.

No doubt, the general education plays a great role, but this is found to be insufficient and have its shortcomings  in terms of character and behaviour mounding on children.

In a nutshell, there should be equality for both genders in training and societal accountability.

It’s a New Year; tell us about your new project?

RealTalkWithKike is a fresh concept of a talk show that is set to influence and change institutions. The show will be airing on Silverbird Television and it a franchise from the corporate body Z-Edge Consulting Limited which I am currently the Managing Consultant. RealTalkWithKike is an extension of my radio live program but the difference is I decided to hold other sisters/brother’s hands to fly together. It will be inviting stakeholders of institutions, decision-makers of relevant industries and government principal officers to address and proffer solutions to burning local and international issues that affect Nigerians.

As a chief host of the show, I will be joining my co-host including popular OAP and comedian Omotunde Adebowale-David aka Lolo 1, Damilola Banire, Efo and Marshall Anthoni Ononye to discuss at a robust level, these topical issues. The vision is to deliver expert journalism at world-class hierarchy while leveraging on the mission of working professionally in  the field of journalism.

Tell us the idea behind your transition from Radio presenter to TV host?

The cradle of my media career started from Television 18years ago hence TV is not new to me. The initial idea was to be on TV right from the start. Radio was new to me but my girlfriend Bimbola convinced me to start from the radio. However, I liked the training as it is more rigorous than TV in terms of the conviction you give the audience as we know that voice training and communication are integral aspects of radio. RealTalkWithKike on TV has my name and it is a legacy for me. My team and I are consistently working assiduously to be at top-notch delivery capacity.

What has been the experience working in the media?

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be on screen. Like I said earlier, I started with TV and print media. However, my career drifted into cooperation organisations; consultancy, training and event management which initiated collaborations and synergies with state governments, telecom industry, oil and gas and corporate organisations. Coming back to media, I see a lot of differences and swift developments because when I joined media almost 2 decades ago, social media was not at play, technological input was high but low in comparison with what we have today. At every point, there will have to be acclimatisation to inventions and innovations.

Now, almost everyone in the media space even when not qualified or trained to be one. For instance, we have self-made reporters, cameramen, producers etc. It is fun and it keeps us on our toes and differentiates quality that the professionals in it deliver. The pros and the cons, all make it all beautiful for me.

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