Lady Cries out Online as Man Who Paid Her Bill Refused to Call after Taking Her Number

Dec 20, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A lady has sent social media into a frenzy after she expressed sadness that a man refused to call her phone
  • According to the businesswoman, the man paid her bill and took her phone number but failed to live up to expectation
  • Her experience sparked discussions about the new trend of men taking ladies’ numbers and not calling

A businesswoman, identified as Jessica, has cried out online after a man who took her phone number refused to put a call to her.

While keeping mum on his identity or where he got her contact, Jessica expressed disappointment over his action.

Lady heartbroken after man took her phone number but refused to call her
She had expected the man to call her.
Photo Credit: @drjessquuueeen018
Source: TikTok

In a TikTok video, she explained that he paid for her bill and consequently took her number, suggesting that he was interested in following her up.

The lady said her family had hope for her for a second, but that has been dashed. When someone said she should have declined his offer to pay her bill, Jessica responded:

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“I was not stranded. I was paying my bill and he stopped me and offered.”

Watch her video below:

Social media users react

thabomashale said:

“He probably saw something or heard something about u that made him not use it or he found better and 3,5 is nothing to him.”

NtateKaekae said:

“Can’t we just be civil gentleman and caring humans without ulterior motives? Nothing we do is good for you guys.”

@I’mHim said:

“If I’m rich I’d definitely every now and then pay a random person’s bill.”

princebugarry_78 said:

“I was the guy, unfortunately, I hv deleted the number cox i was just on good mood that day and that’s it.”


“I actually paid something over R2k for a lady I don’t know at spar in Komatipoort in an around September, we exchanged numbers & started calling non-stop, I got bored and she blocked herself.”

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TK said:

“This is why I don’t take girl’s numbers anymore unless I actually want to call her. Most times, I don’t. I take it because little miss princess wants.”

Katlego Sedumedi said:

“You should have declined the offer or however after paying, say may i make it up to, can i buy ice-cream as to say thank you.”

Lady runs into man who deleted her phone number

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had run into a man who wiped her number off his phone.

Ola said he collected the lady’s number in Akure but later lost interest in pursuing her and decided to drop the idea and do away with her contact.

However, he ran into the girl again the next day, and she asked why he hadn’t called her. The young man opened up about why he deleted her phone number.

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