Less is more, my idea of sexy by DJ Cuppy

Less is more, my idea of sexy by DJ Cuppy

By Ekaete Bassey

Billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy has shared with fans what she considers sexy in her candid opinion.

The disc jockey took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to share tips on ways to make people long for more with your fashion sense whilst defending hers.

According to Cuppy, one of the reasons for dressing the way she does and showing less skin is to make people curious about what’s underneath.

She stated that her idea of sexy is to tease people by revealing less skin.

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The “Gelato” crooner asserts that the less you allow people to see, the more they wonder what could possibly be hidden under those covers.

Some of her followers who have bashed her in regards to her poor fashion sense surprisingly agreed with her opinion and commended her for always dressing decently.

Sharing a photo of herself, Cuppy said: “My own idea of sexy is that LESS is MORE… The less you reveal the more people can wonder right?”

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