Life As NIYI JOHNSON’s Wife – Star Actress, SEYI EDUN, Opens Up

Life As NIYI JOHNSON’s Wife – Star Actress, SEYI EDUN, Opens Up

Beautiful and popular actress, Seyi Edun is, no doubt, among a few young stars making waves in the movie industry. Her presence on social media made many brands have her on their boards as an influencer, while they are always raring to renew her contracts, mainly because of the unique way, she is promoting their businesses.

She was spotted at the JM Slide pre-launch. JM Slide is a Yoruba movie streaming platform. She took out a few minutes of her tight schedule to talk about her life as Mrs Niyi Johnson. Why is she yet to change her name, why she pays her husband for her personal projects and her side hustle besides acting. She spoke with City People’s BIODUN ALAO.

How do you feel about the new streaming platform, JM Slide, for Yoruba movies?

The CEO of JM Slide is like a father to me. He is someone who is very creative and highly talented. He is someone, who knows exactly what he wants and what he is doing.

He has a lot in stock for movie stars and we are happy to be part of his vision. And as for producers under JM Slide’s wings, we sincerely hope, it would always go a long way to help us in our careers. Most especially in a country where there is no support for filmmakers anywhere.

I have already done a movie for him, entitled: “The Visitors”, “Alejo” and it will be released very soon. The movie is 60 percent Yoruba and 40 percent English and it features stars such as Mercy Aigbe, Kunle Afod, Yomi Fabiyi, Niyi Johnson, among others.

You blushed calling your husband’s name, why have you refused to change your name as a married lady?

(Laughs) I will, we are working on that, it will happen very soon. Honestly, bearing my name doesn’t change anything, but I would still change to his name when the time comes. You will also agree with me that changing of name is not something that is that easy here. It requires putting many things in place. It takes a long process.

What is that unique thing you like about him?

(Laughs) I like basically everything about him. I honestly don’t want to talk about my husband here. I feel everything about him should be private.

It’s not easy as a couple, both being in limelight. How do you juggle being a wife, an actress and a business lady?

We both know how to put everything in place and one would not affect the other and that is why everything has been perfect for us. I create time for everything I do, and that has helped me a great deal and nothing is lagging behind.

How often do you work together on the same production?

Almost all the time, as in my every of my production, and others’ productions as well. And once we are working, it is strictly business, we don’t joke with our jobs.

Does it mean you pay him if he is on your production?

Haa (laughs) I pay him double when I feature him on my productions. That is because when I feature him on my movies, he is not just going to be an actor on my set, but also a coordinator. He would be in charge of welfare and basically everything.

Though we will have professionals on set, but he would still assist them, so you can imagine, he is doing much and that requires big payment as well. If I am paying everybody working for me, he has to be paid too, to think that he is even working more.

What about if you are in his production, do you charge him so high too?

No, he is not a producer yet. Maybe when he starts producing movies. I will do the same too.

Besides acting, what other business do you do?

I am a business lady, I run Sai World, I sell different things, I just clocked 2 years in business, and I am planning something special for next year. I have always been a business person, I started doing business right away from my days in school before I even dreamt of acting, so business has been my first love.

I enjoy doing business a lot, I started when I was a little girl and I love the business aspect of me, compared to the entertainment aspect.

You are one brand influencer who many business owners, most especially those you influence their lines of businesses they don’t like letting you go, what is the secret?

Really? Probably because I take their business like mine. Once I start influencing for them, once I am doing something, I do it with the whole of my mind and soul, I put my heart into it, I see the business like mine.

Whatever effort I can put into mine, I will put the same into other businesses, because they are paying me and I want them to make their money back with lots of profit.

How often do you tell your husband you love him?

(Laughs), Ah!, that is not new, I say that every day, every minute, every second, I love him dearly.


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