Male and female Tiefling names: find a fitting name for your character

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Tieflings are known for their somewhat ambiguous nature of being half-human and half-extraplanar. They have spectacular intelligence and strength. If you want to use Tieflings in your fantasy games, you will need to find the right Tiefling names that fit your character. Have a look at some unique options to help you come up with the best one.

Male and female Tiefling names
A woman in a devil costume. Photo:, @Slaytina (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Tieflings are believed to be from a generation of the devil and bad omen. They live amongst humans, act like humans, and often change their get-ups so no one can identify them. Both male and female Tieflings are forced to rely on their cunning wits to get by. Check out unique Tiefling names below.

Best Tiefling names for your character

Though many people think Tieflings are dangerous creatures, there are quite a number of harmless ones. Here is a list of some good Tiefling names you can consider for your next character.

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Female Tiefling names

  • Archon: Tears of joy (Derived from Arshu)
  • Arshoon: Tears of joy
  • Carrie: Hebrew for my princess
  • Euphoria: To bear (Ancient Greek origin)
  • Gueshoon: A wise tiefling
  • Ianonia: A Scottish island (Old Norse origin)
  • Karisa: Dear one (Italian origin)
  • Larissa: Cheerful (Latin origin)
  • Mahavira: Low life (Derived from Malavida, a Spanish word)
  • Malevira: Low life in Spanish
  • Nephviri: A queen from ancient Egypt (Derived from Nefertiti)
  • Orianna: Golden in Latin
  • Quake: To tremble (Derived from Quake)
  • Quaki: Tremble
  • Raemis: Elegance and refinement
  • Sethe: Beautiful in the old Tiefling tongue
  • Valxi: Derived from the Sanskrit poet Valmiki, who wrote the epic poem Ramayana
  • Xarrai: Hebrew for my princess
  • Zhera: Arabic for flower
  • Zilla: An English slang used as a suffix to signify a monster. An example is the name Godzilla.

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Male Tiefling names

If you are searching for boy names for Tieflings, then this list of names will give you the best solution for your search.

  • Amus: Uncle in Arabic (Could be used for a wizard)
  • Andzalar: Shadow stalker
  • Caeran: Courage and bravery
  • Bachar: Iranian for youth
  • Baelze: Darkness and infernal influence
  • Casthos: To shine (Derived from the Greek word Castor)
  • Damakos: A municipality in Nepal. It is an outstanding name for those who come from far away.
  • Darius: Greek for a calf
  • Dhaeris: Harmony and balance
  • Dispater: Feared and respected
  • Eaerin: Curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • Erthor: From Elder Scrolls Oblivion and refers to a sorcerer.
  • Guxes: Derived from guys and could be one of the legendary yet modern last names
  • Kairon: Gaelic for a dark-haired creature
  • Kilmos: Greek meaning to lean
  • Mordai: Derived from the Hebrew word Mordechai, which means warrior
  • Theseus: Derived from Greek and refers to the Athenian king, Theseus
  • Valerius: derived from the Latin word Valerius, which means healthy
  • Farmer: Derived from Kashmir, which is often called Heaven on Earth
  • Thecius: Refers to the Athenian king, Theseus
  • Xarmir: Heaven on Earth
  • Valcrius: Healthy
  • Zheradius: Derived from Sharad, an Indian word meaning Autumn

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Male Tiefling names
These names can add depth to your Tiefling character, highlighting their struggle, redemption, or the ideals they strive to embody in a world that often judges them by their infernal heritage
Source: Original

Unisex Tiefling names inspired by virtues

Here are some unisex Tiefling names inspired by virtues.

  • Azraak: Strength and power
  • Caemorn: Resilience and endurance
  • Daezriel: Mystery and enigma
  • Eramus: Wisdom and knowledge
  • Faezoth: Agility and dexterity
  • Free: Old English word meaning not in bondage
  • Gazriel: Leadership and authority
  • Glee: Old English word meaning mirth
  • Haedrix: Resilience and determination
  • Ideation: Greek meaning to forming a specific idea
  • Laesin: Agility and grace
  • Laughter: To laugh in Middle English
  • Panic: Greek for sudden fear
  • Piety: Latin for a devout person
  • Pleasure: Old French for pleasing someone
  • Awe: Old English meaning to dread
  • Closed: (Latin root) meaning reserved
  • Courage: Latin for bravery
  • Cunning: Old English for a skilled person or character
  • Devotion: Old French for a profound religious experience
  • Exciting: Old French word meaning to be agitated
  • Extreme: Old French word meaning utmost
  • Fear: Middle English word meaning fear or danger
  • Poetry: Greek for composing poems
  • Possession: Latin word meaning the act of owning
  • Promise: Late Middle English word meaning to put forward
  • Taevin: Compassion and empathy
  • Void: Anglo-French word origin meaning vacant
  • Woe: Old English for conveying sadness

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Tiefling names inspired by virtues
Tieflings, with their infernal heritage, often carry names that either embrace their demonic ancestry or seek to defy it by choosing names inspired by virtues, hope, and redemption
Source: Original

Amazing Tiefling last names

Here are some Tiefling surnames that you can consider for your character.

  • Baevyr: Resourcefulness and adaptability
  • Bram: An amalgamation of Fresh and Faith, it is a name closer to a name given to the humans
  • Brightwater: It is a mix of expert and delight
  • Fyrion: Passion and intensity
  • Gabbard: Resilience and inner strength
  • Graylock: It is a blend of Pheki and Ekmus
  • Griswold: The mix of Nethfaris and Aetrut comes up with this Tiefling surname
  • Ixius: A cunning and strategic character
  • Jazerin: Ambition and aspiration
  • Kaelthus: Mastery and aptitude
  • Lezok: A Tiefling name that represents stealth and subtlety
  • Mabrus: Charm and charisma
  • Malzan: Fearless
  • Markolak: This name is a mix of Phexibis and Casper
  • Mubarak: It also finds a place in the top search and is a blend of Carrion and bright
  • Obban: Bravery and valour
  • Othzal: Inner strength and resilience
  • Oyal: It is one of the top Tiefling surnames in character, which is made up of Frimaea and Andros
  • Paerys: Determination and perseverance
  • Salthor: Ttiefling for dragon
  • Rockharvest: This name has come from panic and expertise, and many Tieflings share it
  • Ubriel: Creativity and innovation
  • Vadu: It finds its place on the generator site and is a mix of Aranrus and Iniseis

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Tiefling surnames inspired by virtues

Tiefling names inspired by virtues
A devil sculpture inside a cathedral. Photo:, @Lyon Peru (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Virtues are behaviours showing moral standards. Below is a collection of amazing Tiefling virtue names.

  • Abban: Loyalty and devotion
  • Abandon: To leave something or someone
  • Barbatos: Knowledge and divination
  • Chance: English for a chance
  • Dawn: Early morning
  • Death: End of life
  • Farewell: To bid goodbye
  • Integrity: Following high moral principles
  • Assurance: A promise or confidence
  • Balance: Two things of equal importance or size
  • Beauty: A look or physical appearance that offers pleasure to the eyes
  • Maelis: Charm and charisma
  • Naeris: Grace and beauty
  • Pazriel: Healing and restoration
  • Raemyr: Wisdom and foresight
  • Saelis: Grace and elegance
  • Taelis: Resilience and determination
  • Wyrion: Wisdom and intellect

Male Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends

Male Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends
A person wearing a mask to mark the day of the dead. Photo:, @David Peinado (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tieflings are mythical characters. Most of their names are based on some virtues and emotions found in myths and legends. Have a look at some of these names.

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  • Akemnos: A common Tiefling races name
  • Amnon: Hebrew for faithful
  • Arkosh: The devil
  • Asmodai: Demonic power and influence
  • Azbara Jos: Willpower (A great Tiefling hero led his people to victory over a frightening enemy)
  • Baalzebul: A powerful Tiefling-associated demon lord owns it. Also the Lord of the Flies in Infernal
  • Barakas: Islamic name meaning blessing power
  • Dados: The name of a warrior in Tiefling
  • Dajan: A betrayed hero
  • Decarabia: A cunning and manipulative character
  • Ekemon: One of the enclaves of Tieflings
  • Eblis: A fallen angel who stalks the unknowing
  • Haezor: Ferocity and aggression
  • Jaerak: Determination and tenacity
  • Kaevyr: Resilience and adaptability
  • Lucis: English origin word meaning reduced pigmentation
  • Morthos: Adamant believer of luck
  • Palacios: Random word meaning true knight
  • Qezodar: Fire and destruction
  • Skamos: A famous Tiefling male name of undisclosed origin
  • Uzriel: Mystery and darkness
  • Vezoth: Speed and agility
  • Waeris: Resilience and fortitude

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Female Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends

Female Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends
A woman in a white and red costume. Photo:, @Anya Juárez Tenorio (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Below is a collection of Infernal and DND Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends.

  • Anakin: Japanese for idealism, determination, and innovation
  • Akta: Sanskrit for night
  • Briseis: Greek for a beautiful princess
  • Cruella: A Tiefling Druid in the knight of nothing
  • Damaia: Random name with Potuguese origin
  • Kallista: Greek for the most beautiful one
  • Lamashtu: Evil
  • Larissa: Greek for citadel
  • Mephistopheles: A powerful Tiefling-associated demon lord owns it. Also the bringer of knowledge in Infernal
  • Neron: Evil. It is the name of a fallen angel who stalks the unknowing
  • Orianna: Latin for gold
  • Rieta: Spanish for pearl
  • Taran: A fictional character from The Chronicles
  • Xazodar: Power and authortity
  • Zaelrix: Mystery and intrigue

What are Tieflings?

Tieflings are a race of planetouched humanoids. Although they are primarily human in ancestry, they draw part of their bloodline from powerful evil, extraplanar beings.

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What makes Tiefling names unique?

Tiefling names are unique because they are infernal in nature or are inspired by specific virtues. They embody a wish, goal or other life path a character embodies or achieves.

Where do Tieflings live?

Tieflings live as minority groups in human cities and towns, usually in the roughest quarters of these areas. They tend to become crime lords, swindlers, or thieves.

What are some good Tiefling names?

There are numerous good names you can choose for your character. Check the list above for various options you should consider.

How do Tiefling names work?

The Tiefling naming conventions consist of ancestral Infernal names. They often use human names until they seek to differentiate themselves from their parents. Thereafter, they take names of Infernal or Abyssal origin.

There are numerous Tiefling names to choose from for your character. We hope you find a fitting name for your character from the options explored above.

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