Man Cries Out as Friend Whom He Shared His Relocation Plans Traveled to UK Without His Knowledge

Dec 17, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A Nigerian man found out his friend, for whom he had been very open about his relocation processes, traveled to the UK without his knowledge
  • The friend called him from Heathrow Airport, claiming he was stranded and needed help
  • The man narrated the incident on Twitter indicating that no one can be trusted

A Nigerian man was shocked to discover that his friend had traveled to the UK without his knowledge, even though he had been very open to him about his relocation,

The man said he had shared his travel plans and visa details with his friend, who lived near the visa office in Ikeja, Lagos.

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Man cries out. Photo credit: Legit archive.
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He said he was looking forward to moving to the UK for a better life, and had other plans which had been sharing with his friend.

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However, on the day he was supposed to fly, he received a call from his friend, who claimed he was stranded at Heathrow Airport in London.

The man said he felt betrayed and angry, and wondered how his friend could do such a thing.

See the tweet below:

Man cries out after moving to UK, seeks help to return to Nigeria

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man who moved to the United Kingdom has cried out that he needs money to catch a flight back home as he does not want to remain there anymore.

Speaking to a Nigerian lady on a UK street, the frustrated man cited his inability to get a job as his reason for wanting a return home.

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He lamented that he had tried and concluded that there was no job in the UK. He showed the lady a complementary card, saying he has a school in Benin.

Man who borrowed money to relocate to UK cries out over job scarcity

In another related story, reported that a Nigerian man identified as @pappykraen on TikTok has stirred reactions with a video shared via his account.

He narrated his job-seeking experience in the UK while singing along to Asake’s hit song ‘Lonely at the Top.’

According to him, finding a job over there is not as easy as people may believe.


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