Man Imports House From China, Trucks Brings Home to His Location, Its Size Surprises Him in Viral Video

Aug 16, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A young TikTok influencer shipped a container home from China and was happy to take the delivery
  • Looking thrilled about the home, he said that the truck that brought the house was finding it hard to locate his land
  • Many people were interested in how he ordered the house and how much was involved in the whole process

A young man made a video to capture the container home he ordered from China arrived in his country. A big truck brought it. In 2022, a man also shipped a container home from China.

The TikTok influencer (@kylethomas) said he shipped from AliExpress. As he spoke excitedly about the house in the clip, the trailer carrying the home was in the background.

Container home from China/Man ordered house.
The truck found it hard to get the house to his land.
Photo source: @kylethomas
Source: TikTok

Container home shipped from China

He said he would be putting the container on his land. The man added how the vehicle has been having a hard time trying to drive to his land. @kylethomas was also surprised to see the house was real.

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The man stated that he wanted the house to have a place to stay during the rain. Many people were amazed by its size.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Peyton wondered:


HiHatHero replied:

“Container that’s been turned into a house.”

j.ortega02 said:

“That’s mad a whole house delivered to you.”

punkuh said:

“Complain about the damage and see if they give you a second one.”

Bufordstrailer said:

“Wait a minute here, you bought a house and didn’t prepare the land ahead of time? Ahhhh the energy of youth! Congrats on the house!”

Campfoodie said:

“Bro you’re suppose to build a foundation for it first lol.”

Kenny Nguyen said:

“I am curious to see what it looks like too.”

Damian Holbrook said:

“Oh I need an entire series about this situation.”

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jovavasour said:

“Can’t wait for the update on this. Good luck.”

Ashe said:

“We need a house tour!”

Family converted bus to flat

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a family, @roamwithbus, bought an old school bus and converted the vehicle into their home to save money. It took them many hours to see it to completion.

After paying $4,500 (N2,009,835) for the vehicle, they got to work. The mother in the family stated they spent $1,250 (N558,287.50) on outside materials like paints.

Man installed container home in his village

Similarly, a man who loves farming made a video of a 40 feet container he turned into a house in his village.

While speaking in the TikTok clip, the man, @farminginafrica_official, revealed that he installed the container on a plot of land. He made sure other parts of the land had nature around.


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