Man Recommends Lady For Job That Pays N600k Salary, She Messes Things Up During Interview, Story Goes Viral

Aug 17, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A man was offered a job that pays between N500k and N600k as salary, but he turned it down and recommended another person
  • The man, Egi Nupe, said on Twitter that he recommended a lady for the job, but she talked against him during the interview
  • Egi Nupe said the lady he recommended went for the job interview and chose to slander him instead of concentrating on the interview

A Nigerian man recommended a lady for a job that could pay her between N500k and N600k salary.

The man, Egi Nupe, said the job is a legal job that requires three years of experience after a call to bar.

Nigerian man recommends lady for N600k job.
Egi Nupe said the lady talked against him at the job interview. Photo credit: Twitter/@Egi_nupe_ and Getty Images/Bloomberg and Paolo Cordoni. Lady’s photo used for illustration only.
Source: UGC

The job was initially offered to Egi Nupe, but he turned it down because he was not interested.

Egi Nupe recommended another lawyer who is a lady for the job, and she was asked to appear for the interview.

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Lady who went for job interview talks against man who recommended her

The lady got the interview venue and started slandering the image of the man who recommended her.

Egi Nupe said while narrating the story on Twitter:

“I screened them and recommended you. Then you think because “I am one noisy guy on Twitter” then I deserve to be disrespected during your interview.”

He did not say if the lady later got the job or not.

See the full story below:

Reactions from Twitter users as lady messes up at interview

@MrLanreGafar said:

“My position on this: If you want to do good, do it without looking back. Her comment or opinion of you doesn’t remove 1 single inch of hair from your body.”

@Abdulrazzaaq__ said:

“A guy will never use such words. I still call the guy that linked me up with my first job after NYSC till date.”

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@chigozie0102 said:

“This is terribly bad! So she couldn’t even pretend just for the period of the interview?”

Lady lands her first job in the UK

In a related story, reported that a Nigerian lady got a job in the UK.

When she was reporting to work for the first time, her husband follower her.

Her husband accompanied her to the workplace since she was not yet familiar with the city of Glasgow.


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