Man Who Worked for 20 Years in Canada Travels Back Home, Says He Regrets Going Abroad, People React

Aug 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • A man who relocated to Canada said that he made more money in his country than when he travelled abroad
  • Despite staying in Canada for 20 years, he said that he could only get two properties when he went home
  • Many people were divided into a group who supported him and those who said Canada is still far better

A middle-aged man has said he regretted ever relocating to Canada and working there for two decades.

The migrant stated that if he had stayed back in his country, his life would have been much better.

Lifestyle in Canada/Man travels back home.
The man said he now owns two properties in Canada.
Photo source: @polleksandra
Source: TikTok

Man narrated experience in Canada

The migrant revealed that he had to travel back to his country and work there for seven years before his life improved.

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The man added that he used the money he had made in his country to buy two properties in Canada with cash.

Many people wondered why he returned to Canada if his home country was as good as he claimed. His video was shared by @polleksandra.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

brrrrr said:

“Finally people are seeing it.”

philpain656 said:

“Make money in Canada and live in other country.”

Daveysclavey said:

“Imagine what it’s like for people who don’t have a “home country” to go back to.”

Suleman said:

“Most probably it’s the 20 years he spent in Canada taught him how to make that much money in only 7 years back home.”

David Turcotte said:

“So much missing from this story. What did he do in the Caribbean to make that much money in 7 years?

Vitor Farias said:

“Me debating going to Canada then this shows up.”

sarafgj745 said:

“Been in Canada for less than two years. No matter how difficult it might be here, it will be better than my home country.”

Shanna Levy said:

“Feel the same way in NY all I do is work hard and pay bills I don’t see myself really enjoying a dollar.”

Lady got Canadian visa

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady showed how happy she was after she got a Canadian visa to relocate out of the country.

In a video, she captured the moment she did her biometrics for her passport. While preparing to travel abroad, the lady got all her needed supplies.

Nigerian lady in UK market

Similarly, a young Nigerian lady staying in the UK shared what a market in Birmingham looked like. She said that she went there for wholesale shopping.

The lady (@mzsylviaaa) stated that getting to the Birmingham wholesale store early makes one get things at cheaper rates.


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