Marriage may soon go extinct, says Funnybone

Marriage may soon go extinct, says Funnybone

By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Comedian Funnybone has said that with the level of intolerance and selfishness among modern couples, marriages may go extinct.

The popular stand up comedian and actor said this while commenting to Cool FM OAP Dotun’s post on Instagram.

Dotun had posted that certain questions must be asked before two individuals agree to get married.

He insinuated that intending couples must know their genotype, salary earned by both individuals, number of kids to have, how to split bills among others.

“These questions are not sacred – How much do you earn, what antics provides you the greatest sexual pleasure?, what is your genotype?, how many kids do you intend to have? what would you pay for & won’t pay for?, What do you believe to be your spiritual gift?” Dotun posted on his page and captioned it “ Ask and confirm now and be patient before water and garri turn to semo”.

Responding to the post, Funnybone replied: “21st century pre marriage questions. Marriage will soon go extinct and I say it will all sense of saying it”

“The entire idea is now transactional and selfish on both sides. No more sacrifices on both ends. Soon marriage will be gone”

He continued: “if you find the right answers to this questionnaire today it fail to sacrifice and be tolerant. E go still spoil later. This transactional move is not the ultimate, the onus is on both partners to fashion out ways to work it through.

“Remember people change and these answers you seek are temporary. Tomorrow, he or she might want another thing. Las las it’s two imperfect people willing and trying to be perfect”.

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