MC Casino: Activism inspired my comedy style

MC Casino: Activism inspired my comedy style

By Sampson Unamka


FAST rising comedian, Lawrence Osarenkhoe aka MC Casino is popular for his style of comedy that advises youths.

The graduate of the University of Benin tags some of his skits as ‘words of wisdom.’

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, MC Casino opened up on his source of inspiration. “I have a little bit of activism background, I was Student Union Government(SUG) Vice President in my days so I always knew that the society should be a better place, so if I am doing comedy, my comedy should also be in that direction and in that line so we use our comedy to correct societal ills and promote good moral values.”

He further said, “I don’t think there is any comedian that has been towing that line before I came but there are so many comedians that I also look up to, the likes of I go save, I go die, Basket mouth, Bovi and so many others”, he said.

When asked if he isn’t bothered about losing out to government gigs because of his style of comedy, he said he is not bothered.

“I am not bothered about that you know the power of evil over good can only be temporary, we can’t because of patronage then we start supporting evil do you understand, the government doesn’t give us gigs but then while we are trying to preach for a better Nigeria we also do it constructively so people will know that, okay this thing is bad. I want to do a joke on Bobrisky for example, he or she is not promoting good moral value, an average African we pride in our moral values and we should remain firm on what we believe so when we have people that are dressing naked to get patronage or fame, for example, we can’t tow that direction, I am easily contented with what I have so I won’t because of patronage or gain do things against my conscience”, said MC Casino.

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