MC Makopolo: A different comedian

MC Makopolo: A different comedian

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The Nigerian entertainment industry is today bubbling with different talents both in music and comedy. In the comedy realm, Nigerians have come to appreciate these megastars who in the past few years, put smiles on their faces, helping them to conquer despondency and boredom.

In Comedy today, MC Makopolo whose real name is Mbam Uche Henry, has distinguished himself as one of the finest both in content and delivery.

Originally from Ebonyi state, South-East Nigeria, MC Makopolo was born in Kaduna in the late 80s. He is bar none, one of the most creative all-around entertainers the country has seen in the past few years.

His prank videos which offer advisory counsels to youths and the larger society coupled with his stage delivery has earned him the title “King of Pranks.”

He has been compared with legendary comedians such as Ali Baba, AY, Gordons, Okey Bakassi and Basket Mouth given his versatility and ability to wow his audience with ease.

Not one to be seen as another version of the aforementioned superstars, MC Makopolo insists he wants to be his own man even though he has huge respects to the artists doing Nigeria proud currently in their own ways.

Mbam Uche Henry, popularly known as NC Makopolo is taking Nigerian entertainment scene to the next level with his Pranks Tour Challenge.

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The 31-year-old creative Nigerian ace comedian, actor and all-round entertainer is presently running his Pranks Tour Challenge with Makopolo #prankstourwithmakopolo, which he intends to take to the 36 states of Nigeria generating real and unique Nigerian content material that is related to the humans of the country.

MC Makopolo is popularly known for his prank videos which has generated him all-round recognition and the title “King of Pranks” because of his versatility and creativity at what he does.

His hunger to place smiles on the faces of Nigerians won him series of awards, which include Comedian of The Year at Crock City People Awards and the Benue Profile Awards, Best Youth Comedian at Standup Comedians Awards, Best Comedian in Abuja 2011-2013 and Best Social Media Personality of the Year 2018.

Though MC Makopolo’s net worth is not yet estimated, it is known to be making millions from his career.

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